strike an alpha pose and leave the rest intimidated

Stand Like A Leader

How you hold yourself says a lot. People make judgment calls. Even thought who scream dont judge me make Judgment Calls. So When a person sees another person who is shrunkin or with drawn,  a leader is not what comes to mind.

People in general look to a person who emotes confidence and give off the impression that they are the leader.  In the following video Amy Cuddy talks about how your body language defines who you are.

How you hold yourself has many other affects too many physilogical along with mental. Amy talks abouthow if you hold your alpha pose for two minutes a day you increase your testostrone output. Folks us guys like our testosterone. Women it works on you too.

So to those who are intimidated by the alpha person this will be anightmare for you. IF you hate that men do the dreaded “ManSpreading” well then you will probably be running for the hills. That is OK not everybody is alpha we have to have betas and Omegas too.

This Ted Talk is insightful for the different ways you can achieve some amazing benifit just by stricking your alpha pose so. List to this Ted Talk and then strike your pose.

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