How a guy can have a meaningful conversation

How to Talk about Anything

Some people may think that FORD stand for Found On Road Dead or it could mean Fastest on Race Day. Yet in this video you are shown how to keep a conversation going. This for many people even us guys can be a challenge. we strike up a conversation and it drops off as you scramble for another topic to throw up in the air, The whole time the person you are desprately trying to convers with is looking around.

So how do you get the conversation to flow right off the bat well with this Video you see that the Acronym FORD is applied the different type of Topics you can discuss. Ford stands for…


The narrator talks about how you can use the family topic to get a person to open up


We all work. So you automatically have a very surface level topic you can cover. Just don’t turn it into an interview


Whether you believe it or not we all have a hobby. it might be building ships in a bottle or training to be the Mumbly Peg champion of the world


We all have dreams and this is the most powerful topic you can get a person to easily talk about.

Using these topics you are able to get a person to really open up. Then when you keep asking probing questions you will be able to get to know people deeper than ever before. The key to holding a good conversation is to make the subject about the person you are talking to. You can learn more about that from How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I plan on using these tips with my next event I am going to attend and see how well they work. Do you have any conversation tips? share them in the comment section below.

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