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What Children Learn When Outdoors

Reading Time: < 1 minute Children are amazing. If you have kids the opportunity for you to sit back and watch them as they learn about their environment is always on in wonder. To see kids explore and learn their own way a truly fascinating experience This week we have another Ted talk about what nature teaches kids. The answer is a lot, Nilda Cosco. Talks about the different aspects of the world and how kids see it. Share5TweetPin1ShareShare6 Shares

how to start run or find a meaningful mastermind group

How to Start Run or Find a Mastermind

Reading Time: 3 minutes So masterminds look like they may be something you want to try. You found some folks who want to get together and see if they can improve their life helping each other. Awesome! Congrats on this big step. That is where this post is going to help you. IT will give you links to help to get a mastermind group started and running with as few problems as possible. Starting A Mastermind Starting off with Stephanie Chandler’s post on Starting a mastermind. She has several great points in this Forbes article. For instance, you want to choose the right people. …