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Relaxed Male says have a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Reading Time: < 1 minute I hope everyone is having a glorious positive and happy Thanksgiving. Posts will slow down for a bit. Yet they are going to spring back up as the holidays finish up. I am building a roadmap for the direction Relaxed Male will be going to join me as I open the doors to the new …

this is the relaxed male

Becoming a Relaxed Male

Reading Time: 4 minutes Who am I? man if there was ever an existential question that little Three-word sentence is it. How does someone answer that question? I remember from my childhood the best way to start a story is… Once upon a time… Yeah, that is a good start. Let’s roll with that. Once upon a time, there …

Relaxed males list of the top 5 Television dads

The Five Best TV Dads

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lots of people like to use the Television as the babysitter. There was a time that television even told stories. Those stories often had a dad or father figure in the series. These men would often at some point of the show add guidance and direction to the family members. Dads on television were often …