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Why Arguments Are Good For You

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week we are talking about arguments. Arguments are happening all the time. Yet so many people don’t want an exchange of ideas. They get angry or just try run away from the discussion out of fear. This weeks video is from Sean Mixon from the Thought Decoder YouTube channel. Sean talks about what an argument is and what and argument isn’t. Sean offers some interesting insight and his own thoughts on how we handle arguments that is certainly worth a watch. ShareTweetPin1ShareShare1 Shares

Seven Podcasts For Men’s Mindsets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today is September 30th For many people they see The Cliff Ravenscraft Show You man have heard of Cliff before or you may not have. Cliff Ravenscraft was originally the Podcast Answer Man and he is proud to let you know what he used to be. He is now known as the Mindset Answer Man because after reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, he shut that business down to become a mindset coach. I have listened to Cliff for about 7 years now, and I witnessed his transformation and his mindset shifts. Cliff has taught me great ways to …

Relaxed Male says have a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Reading Time: < 1 minute I hope everyone is having a glorious positive and happy Thanksgiving. Posts will slow down for a bit. Yet they are going to spring back up as the holidays finish up. I am building a roadmap for the direction Relaxed Male will be going to join me as I open the doors to the new and exciting things happening with Relaxed Male. SO for today as you sit down with your family, Find thanks is all that is around you. Fill your heart with happiness and gratitude. Welcome the loud mouth uncle make the eye roll the pressure valve. Yet …

this is the relaxed male

Becoming a Relaxed Male

Reading Time: 4 minutes Who am I? man if there was ever an existential question that little Three-word sentence is it. How does someone answer that question? I remember from my childhood the best way to start a story is… Once upon a time… Yeah, that is a good start. Let’s roll with that. Once upon a time, there was a child. Who was told that he was good at listening? People would start talking and they would air out some of the more interesting things that would go one in their world. Sometimes there would be secrets or maybe it was just someone …

Relaxed males list of the top 5 Television dads

The Five Best TV Dads

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lots of people like to use the Television as a babysitter. There was a time that television even told stories. Those stories often had a dad or father figure in the series. These men would often at some point of the show add guidance and direction to the family members. Dads on television were often a reflection of how society viewed men and fathers in general. Here is a list of 5 dads that showed the world how to be a dad. These men showed devotion to their families. While one of their most common qualities was patients. When even …

have gratitude in your heart when giving thanks

And Happy Thanksgiving to You

Reading Time: 2 minutes With all that is happening this year, it is important for us to stop, at least for a short while, and look around and be grateful for all the good that has happened in your life. Gratitude is important for the all-around health of a man. Ways to find gratitude Finding gratitude is often like working a muscle. It takes time patients practice and persistence. So If you start trying to find topics to be grateful about don’t worry if you have a hard time coming up with a lot. When you start to open the door to what you’re …