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Podcast ep2: We Are Missing The Connection

Reading Time: 4 minutes I called an audible this week and decided to change the direction of the podcast. One big problem I had was the audio quality was seriously lacking so I dropped my earbuds mic for just the microphone on my phone. This has increased my sound quality a lot and the sound will improve down the road when I get a digital recorder for the show. The other reason I changed some stuff in this show already is that I got called back to why I was doing my blog and now this podcast. The reason is that we are losing …

EP 01: How is Relaxed Male Going to change my mindset?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello men, So today we have our very first episode of the new podcast the Relaxed Male. This is another channel that will help men find out that they have more potential of achieving their dreams than originally thought Now, this episode does a brief overview of the 4 pillars of Relaxed Male. These pillars are The Man His Mind His Community Creativity Each of these pillars helps men to find find the needed ground so that they can face the daily challenges that show up. Often, men, these days are burning out or even word developing a mental illness. …

The Relaxed Male Podcast Trailer

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is the trailer for the Relaxed Male Podcast New episodes will be released each Thursday morning. Subscribe now to get the first episode. Share2TweetPin1ShareShare3 Shares