Building Respect – EP 57

Reading Time: 2 minutes Question of the week by The Brotherhood Of Men. I handled all the finances. The kids well being, cleaned, full time career, still got told I wasn’t enough. So it’s really just up to what the woman thinks anonymous There is so much that is wrong with this comment first the guy is making the comment from a victim mindset. He does all of these things for the family and is getting no recognition or respect. This is sad but my question is what is his part of the situation. From what I was able to gather from the comment …

Give Without Expecting Anything in Return

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week we are talking about giving and expecting nothing in return. Which is a terribly tough thing to do in normal everyday life. Yet, it is possible and is one of the keys to leading a fulfilling life. If you can let go of the desire to get recognition or some type of reward for doing something for another person. That is what this weeks video tries to explain. The why it helps to give with out the expectations of anything in return. I get how this almost flys in the face of the individual yet this isn’t altruism. …

Find Your System for Success – Ep 56

Reading Time: 4 minutes Question of the week by The Brotherhood of Men Read Bryan Goodwin‘s answer to How do you fight the voice of self-doubt inside your head whispering, “That can never be you” when I see things I really want to have or achieve? on Quora Main Topic How to find your system for Success If you have followed this blog for a while you know I am big on setting up goals but I really suck at keeping them. I have claimed more than once I am an average man but I am becoming extraordinary. The reason I say this is …

Why You Need to Read

Reading Time: < 1 minute Do you read books? I mean physical books or digital. Why do you need books? There are many reasons why reading is so important yet we have fallen out of the skills of reading. There are so many benefits to reading that you may not know and that is what we are talking about today. Share2TweetPin3ShareShare5 Shares

The Uncommon Man

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are uncommon men among us. This week we have a motivational video that helps you to get the mindset to start getting started for the most productive and greatest learning experience for next year. Yeah We may want to be comfortable, but make this next year the year of discomfort. Share2TweetPin3ShareShare5 Shares

Can Positivity be Toxic? – Ep 54

Reading Time: < 1 minute Question of the week – brought to you by The Brotherhood of Men Read Bryan Goodwin‘s answer to Should the government play any role in the parent/child relationship? Are there circumstances where outside involvement/support/restrictions is/are acceptable? Who gets the final say in what happens to a child? on Quora Main Topic Toxic what? Yeah The topic this week is a little out there. According to some people you can actually be too happy. Which in my thought is a bunch of whoey. And this is for many different reasons the biggest being that you can make people feel bad for …

4 Self Coaching Tools for MenStart changing your mindset.

We have worry and concerns. Then pile on the anxiety and fear that you have made the wrong choice in our life. What are you supposed to do?

Maybe you have fear of money or the lack of money. Perhaps you want more out of life. You want to achieve goals you have always wanted to pursue. You may even realize that you are not where you want to be and your attitude is in a way that you don't even recognize yourself anymore. 

Here are 4 tools that will help you change your mindset and get you on the path you so rightfully need to be on.