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Call it group think or what you like, Being in a group with like minded people helps.

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Create a Mastermind

This weeks video is by the great Jack Canfield. Jack is a near legend in the field of self-improvement. So when Jack Canfield talks I like to see what he has to say. This week is for those who want to try to start their own mastermind. Jack starts out explaining how he sees how the mastermind group works. He points out that you want a few people who are at least one level higher …

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Case for discomfort

Us humans love out creature comforts. That is one reason we like dogs so much. Do you want to find the best place to sleep? See where the dog is. He can find the most comfortable spot on the bed or chair. We as humans love our comfort. Don’t care to get up to change the channel that is alright we have a remote for that. Want to turn the lights off? Clap your hands …

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You are doing all you can to make the best life. Yet you feel that you are missing something. Maybe you are just needing a little help. My 1on1 coaching my help get you in the needed direction.