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Call it group think or what you like, Being in a group with like minded people helps.

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You Are A Natural Leader

What if you were told, “You are a leader”? How would you act? What would you think? What if suddenly you were placed in a managerial position? You have a team under you and you have never been a manager before. How would you act? Do you think you would be successful? Would you instantly be the best leader your organization has ever had? If you were being honest with yourself, you would answer no. …

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Leading people is only one way you lead

What Is Leadership?

What is leadership? Today’s video is a long one. Yet isn’t any less packed with knowledge that any potential leader or becoming leader would need to know. Tony Robbins whether you love him or not this video has several great points on being a leader and the skills needed. I recommend you grab a pen and paper and take some notes as to what Tony has to say

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