What equipment is a person needing to have when camping?

What Equipment is needed for camping?

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You are wanting to start camping. Same here! I miss the fun and relaxations that you encounter when you go camping. Then smell of the campfire. The pitching of the tent the casting of a line into the river. So much about camping that is fun exciting and relaxing. That is what being a relaxed male is about. Finding that inner peace about you. Many men find it in the wide-open world of camping.

As I mentioned in a previous post I miss camping. The whole experience is connected with me, or at least I remember it connecting with me. So I am going to be sharing my learning experiences. As I gather my equipment what I find I need and what I find I don’t need. The types of Camping I understand are going to change. That means that camping by the lake will require different equipment that of a someone hiking the Continental Divide Trail.

Since I will not be up for the long hikes as of yet I figure Most of what I will need for camping by the creek would be a good starting spot. So Here is what I know, as of now.

I am thinking that everything else is pretty extemporaneous but I find out that is not accurate.


This is so that everything is together. Your camp kitchen equipment is all in one tub your Tent and sleeping materials are in another tub. So on and so forth. So I know I will need at least 3 tubs. 1 tub for cooking. I tube for sleeping. Then one Tub for all else.

A good 30 Gallon tub should fit the bill for each category.


There are as far as I know 2 different types of tents you can use. There is the multiperson tent that can house more than two. Then there is the individual tent. The classic pup tent falls into this category. I have always thought it cool to have a pup tent but I also know that if I ever do go on hiking trips I would like to have something easier and more stable than the ol’ Classic.

My choices at this moment are strictly through the Oooh ahhh factor. That is because I am still researching types of tents. Yet I do know that a large multi-person tent* is handy for family members to change clothes in. You can close the door and windows for privacy. So having a tent that you can stand up is good for the comforts of the weekend camper.

Then we have the smaller 1-2 person tents* that are handy and lightweight. These are good for hiking to that super secret fishing hole you like to visit 2 or 3 times a year.  You want a good small easy to transport tent.

Then again you may want to go old school and grab a Us Military Pup Tent*. With the classic canvas.

Camping Stove

Now there is nothing like cooking on the campfire. But there are times that building a fire is just not that practical to build a fire just so you can eat your eggs. That is why a camping stove is a good idea.

You can always look to Coleman for camping supplies they have been in the business since before I was around. So you have the quality of a company that is dedicated to the culture of camping. One of their best Camping Stoves is the Coleman Guide Series Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stove*

Dutch Oven

Now stop the laughing you married men. We are not talking about shoving your new brides head under the covers after you fart. We are talking about the original Dutch Oven. When you are wanting to cook on the fire there is something about a cobbler that is made in a dutch oven.

Dutch ovens come in different sizes and they can range from the kitchen style Dutch Oven to the Cast iron reliables for camping that is not covered in enamel. A good example is the Camp Chef 10″ Cast Iron Dutch Oven*.

Cast Iron Skillet

The best thing for frying or Cornbread Breakfast made in a cast iron skillet is one of the best ways to cook in my opinion but also has health benefits in that you are able to infuse iron into your food. So use that cast iron to boost the iron in your blood. That way you can stay away from eating liver. EEeeww.

There are several different types of iron Skillets. There are the ones that are preseasoned so that you don’t have to prep your skillet with a good patina it comes ready to use. A good example of this is the Lodge Iron Skillet*

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Lanterns and Lights.

This is one of the best things for kids. Give each one a flashlight and let them go exploring You can see where they are but they will be occupied for more than a few hours. Yet also you will need to have the ability to see where you are walking when in the dead of night. The campfire alone won’t provide much to see by after it has died down.

You will need both lanterns that are able to be hung up. There are LED lanterns*. Then there are the classic lanterns* that require fuel. Both work well while the LED ones last longer and are sturdier. You can also get multifunctional lanterns that recharge using Solar panels. then there are the different types of handheld flashlights like Headlamps for hands-free light and then there are other lights that you can give the kids

Sleeping Bag

The time of the year would dictate what type of sleeping bag you will need for your camping trip. There are those that are lightweight sleeping bags* all the way up to the mummy bags* that are supposed to keep you warm while on top of Everest. So you will want to have a sleeping bag that is dependant on the weather you are going to be in. If you are only a summer camper then the lightweight bag will probably suffice. if you are camping in the mountains in the fall then you will definitely want to whip out the heavy duty -19 below bag.

Sleeping mat or Cot

When it comes to the term roughing it, this is where you determine how rough you want it. If you want to feel like a young man and wake up like an old codger sleep on the ground. if you want to go to be like an old man and wake up like a middle-aged man then use a cot*.

You can actually find some good sleeping mats* so when you are sleeping on the ground you are able to keep body heat from being wicked away. While also getting a little bit of padding for those hips and shoulders.


If you are going to be doing weekend camping over at Turner Falls or the similar. Then you will be bringing an assortment of foods to cook. Things like Hotdogs hamburgers, Potato, and macaroni salads. All these things will need to be kept cold.

You have an assortment of choices. You can use the old trusty Igloo cooler* or if you have a little bit more money you can use an electric cooler* that runs off the cars 12v cigarette lighter. Then again you may have a lot of money you don’t know what to do with and you want to spend $300 on a cooling system and get a Yeti*. Now I agree these things keep things cold for a long time when seasoned right.

So Depending on your budget you may have to find a convenience store and buy a few more pounds of ice to replenish the melted ice. So that people can continue to avoid the floating piece of lettuce.

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Yep, you will need food. That includes eggs and bacon. camping isn’t camping without eggs and bacon in the morning. Also, you might think of a coffee pot*. Campfire coffee is notoriously strong but heck it puts hair on your chest right!?

Canteen or Water Skins

Depending on what you are doing during the day you will want to have some source of water handy. If you are camping in Palo Duro Canyon this almost goes without saying especially when you are hiking out to the Lighthouse in August. You want to make sure you have plenty of water. There aren’t any water fountains on the path.

There are the try and true old style canteens* and then the water skins* that make you feel like Daniel Boone. Then there are CamelBaks* these are nice and highly recommended. These are water bags that you carry on your back. These can carry several liters of water. As you go out exploring the wilds.

Camping Gear

There are a lot of little things you will need here. Apart from what I have already mentioned. Yet this includes Firestarting material. Matches or a sparker of some sort. Then there is the eating utensils and some many other things I am not even thinking of. Thankfully I found a list created by Yellowstone National Park Lodges. This opens my eyes up to a lot of things I wouldn’t have thought of. So I provided their list here.


So with a base list I know I have a lot of shopping to do. So that I can build my pack up and start communing with nature once again.

Do you have any plans on going camping? What equipment do you think everyone needs the kit? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. And I will see you on the trails.

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