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UST SparkForce Fire Starter Review

UST SparkForce






Cool Factor




Ease of Use



  • Easy to find
  • It Works
  • Widely carried


  • Lanyard is a little short
  • The rod can come out of holder
  • Handle is a little short
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkforce Mini sparker with lanyard

Yay! got the last of the kids through school. We don’t have to worry about the fundraiser of the month. Late nights buying weird stuff for science projects. In other words, we are going to have up to a good $1000 /month extra. Now if I have my say I will shortly have a very good camping gear collection building up.

Will that happen? Probably not because the wife will need the money for a project she has planned so I will let her have it. Either way, I will be building my camping supplies up rather fast or rather slowly. So Yea for the ability to acquire gear.

So first gear I am picking up is a small sparker. Sometimes known as a Flint and Steel. I would like to grab something big like a tent or a camp stove but not yet. This sparker is called the Mini Sparker with Lanyard it is made by Ultimate Survival Technologies or UST.

I actually had my doubt on this little 6 dollar sparker. I figured it to be a cheap little china made piece of plastic that barely threw a toy gun spark much less a spark that could catch something on fire. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Sparker does in fact work and you can see it in the video below. It takes a bit of work to get the sparks going because the rod is covered with a protective paint. So you have to scrape that paint off before you get some good flame producing sparks. Just keep that in mind when you are trying to start a fire.

You will need to have some good kindling. If you are hoping to catch some dry leaves on fire you will be at it for a while. It is easier if you get some grass or hay. Better yet if you have some cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly you will have a far better chance of getting a good fire going.

I did find a few small problems. One the lanyard is a little short. Your scraping is limited. then also the rod is not attached to the handle. So as you are scraping along you will want to press the flint back into the handle.

Speaking of handles, I understand this is a mini for an emergency so it isn’t meant to take up much space. Yet, you may suffer from some writer’s cramps as you are holding this. So adjust your grip from time to time.

UST brands can be found dang near everywhere.

Academy Sports
ACE Hardware
Amazon Canada
Bass Pro Shop
Blain’s Farm & Fleet
Gander Outdoor
Home Depot
L.L. Bean
Midway USA
Rural King
Sportsman’s Warehouse
Tractor Supply

I am glad to have the UST Mini Sparker with Lanyard. It may not get used much but it will be good to at least know that it is there in my gearbox.

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