The 7 person tent Wenzel Blue Ridge

The Wenzel Blue Ridge 7 person Tent (Review)

Wenzel Blue Ridge 7 Person Tent













  • Quick to put up
  • Intuitive
  • Durable


  • Need bigger Tent Steaks
  • Better indicators on front
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You looking for a tent? I found a tent. This is not any normal tent. It is a whole family tent. This is a tent that you are able to seriously pack some family and friends into. You can put the kids in their own room in this tent and so you don’t have to worry about junior sneaking out. The Blue Ridge is a fun tent to use, and I am glad I have the pleasure to own one.

The blue ridge tent made by Wenzel

The Wenzel Blue Ridge tent is pretty much open air. When the weather is nice. The roof is airy mesh and there are windows on each end of the tent so that you can have a breeze blow through. There is no window on the back but with the door flap open you will have plenty of air.

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If you happen to have some bad weather come through, you can pretty easily install the fly that comes with the Wenzel Blue ridge. It has a total of 8 hooks that connect to looks on the pole sleeves. There is a difference between the front and the back but it is not clearly marked. So what you have to look for is a curve for the front door.  That is the only indicator that I can find as to what is the front of the tents fly. There are also 4 Guylines that you are able to use to tie the fly to the ground.

Details about the tent

First, it’s Huge! It sports a whopping 14 feet by 9 feet that is enough room to fit 7 people and have room to spare. While the tallest point is 72 inches. That means a 6’2″ guy can stand upright without hunching over

The construction is your typical polyester. The floor is a wielded Polyethaline. The seams are strong and have been able to hold up to the stick laden ground of my backyard without showing any sign that a foreign object will work its way through the thick tarp flooring. Though I do plan on using a blue tarp

There are 5 fiberglass poles. Each pole has an elastic cord strung through. That way each pole is easy to assemble and you won’t lose a critical piece.

There are 2 thick poles that go on either side of the Door and then the 2 thinner poles go on each side. Then there is a small awning pole that holds the fly out away from the door.

The Fly is made of polyester. It has 4 guy lines. and velcro loops to secure the canopy to the tent itself.

All of this together is going to spoil any chance an ultralight hiker is going to go for this. it checks in at a back-breaking 18 pounds 2 ounces. So this will be used for basecamp, not Appalachian trail.

This tent will be a good addition to your camping gear. Though it will be used more at the lake and on hunting expeditions.

You will notice at the end, the fly is put on backward. When it is on the right way there is a curved cut out for the front.

In closing, this is a good tent for family outings. If you are wanting to take the family out to Enchanted Rock or your closest state park. Grab this tent and go make some memories with your family.

  • Capacity: 7
  • Floor Size: 14′ x 9′
  • Floor Area: 117 sq. ft.
  • Peak Height: 72″
  • Weight: 18lbs. 2oz.
  • Canopy/Fly: Polyester
  • Floor: Welded Polyethylene
  • Packaged Size: 28″x8.75″x8.75″
  • Doors: 1
  • Windows: 3
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  1. It looks perfect for Music Festivals, you can fit all your friends in just one tent…It has a great size!

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