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Getting Your Camping Equipment Ready

Reading Time: 5 minutes Guys I am getting more and more excited about the days warming up. The days are getting sunnier the important part is that the nights are getting warmer. Often we are faced with nice temperate days but the nights would get a bit too chilly. Now that we are in the throws of late spring camping is here in my books. I am ready. I finally get to start working on another goal that I have set. Get out and camp 6 times this year I can also incorporate another goal of visiting and reviewing 4 hiking trails. If I …

Need a place to camp but cant travel? Use your backyard.

Camping In the Backyard

Reading Time: < 1 minute There is something about camping out in the backyard that makes you smile. Grown men camping in the back instantly feel like they are 12 years old once more. The reason for sleeping out in the backyard can range from its fun too I was more fresh air. Often it is a time for you to be able to introduce the kids to camping while not having to worry about bringing all your creature comforts with you. I thought I would share with you a great example of how YouTuber Todd Toven spent used the fun of a backyard camping …