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Who Is The Cause Of Your Anxiety

 Believe it or not everyone experiences anxiety. Sometimes it a sense of unsurely as you open the paycheck and wonder how you are going to pay your bills. Then again it may be rearing its ugly head on Sunday evening as you realize that you have to go back to that unfulfilling job. It can come from the lack of connection you are experiencing with your wife. Anxiety can be a feeling of a problem or uncertainty you keep turning to over and over again. What is anxiety? According to …

Perfect Power Questions to Ask Your Self

There are studies that say that people who talk to themselves are smarter. I can’t say that is a fact, or not. Many people would question my level of knowledge though I do talk to myself, often. There is a point to talking to your self. Not just to yourself but to your self. Your inner self. That piece of you that is called the subconscious. When you talk to yourself that inner self or subconscious or subliminal mind hears you and takes action on working through the conversation looking …

You can have a strange family but these folks are still important to your world

Survive The Difficult Family Members

Hey, it’s Christmas time, If you haven’t’ noticed yet! You had thanksgiving fly by and it reminded you exactly why you hate family functions. Yeah, something happens each year. You have subjected to the blatant back handed complements from the drunk aunt who has the self-delusional thoughts that she is in charge of everything. Then your odd uncle who believes you are still 8 and wants to wrestle after drinking a 12 pack. While you have great aunts who come by and her dementia seems to get just a little …

here are some essential mastermind points

Essentials to a Good Mastermind

Masterminds, maybe you have heard of them. They are, in a nutshell, a group of people who are vested in seeing you succeed in whatever objective you have set. These people often become your best friends but these people are there to make sure you are performing to the best of your abilities as you make different decisions with your life. The members of your mastermind group will tell you when you are lying to yourself. They will cheer and celebrate when you hit a goal. Masterminds are the oil …

How to get better sleep

Three styles of Naping

Sleep it is your best friend and worst enemy depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Often men who are battling with themselves have a hard time sleeping. They sit up late at night with things on their mind. Did they say the right thing at the job? How am I going to fix the snafu with the wife? All of these and more can cause insomnia. Here are some ways you can get some sleep and better yet, restful sleep that will help you stay alert and sharp. …

What is your new years resolution? How do you keep it?

How to Keep Your New Years Resolution

Christmas has passed us. We should be topped off in the eating department till around the 4th of July. It is now the time for the tradition of making a new year’s resolution. We know that leaders who make and pursue goals are more successful. The key these leaders do that is different than most people are that besides being intentional on their goal creations. They also make sure their goals are on their minds. They have different strategies on achieving the goals that are set. Many people have a …

Join usGet outdoors with Relaxed Male and go home with an Action Plan

Join Bryan and a small group of other men on a camping trip in Oklahoma. Get the full effect of the 3 day effect buy spending 4 days and 3 nights enjoying the outdoors and developing a plan that you can use to take massive action to change your life.