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EP 03: Responsibility, Why it is Important

Reading Time: 3 minutes What makes a man? That is a big question. Many people ask that all that time. There are Quora topics on what a person has to do to be a man. Yet the answer is actually pretty straight forward. With all the navel-gazing many do over this topic, the answer can be summed up on a comparison. You have one man who is in his parent’s basement he is the stereotypical guy who just is aimless and has no drive. He really doesn’t have a why. Why should he? Now you have another guy who is in his apartment. He …

For the young men who read the relaxed male. Understand that your job is providing for your family and yourself.

Men, Providing is Your Job

Reading Time: 7 minutes Married households in the US dropped from 88% in the 1960s to 69%. This is still the majority of families. There are however also signs that many men are not taking their responsibility of being a dad seriously. With single mothers coming in second with 23%. Now I am not going to disparage the incredibly hard work that single mothers do to keep their children safe. These women are heroes in every sense of the word. I am also not going to poopoo the hard work that single fathers do to raise their kids. For the very same reason. Raising …

responsibility versus victimhood

Want to be a Man? Stop Playing the Victim.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Now I am going to step into this pool because, well I have seen this issue come up over and over and over again. I am seeing young men becoming lost. They are being assaulted by all sides. These young men have schools telling them they can’t be boys. They have groups that are beating them down just for being a male. So they try to bend and fight against who they are. I see High schoolers and College boys who lose their identity all because a group of postmodernist have told them that their maleness is bad. Masculinity is …