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The A’s of Gratitude

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are 4 important A’s related to gratitude. These A’s are important to spreading gratitude to other people. The A’s are Appreciation Approval Admiration Attention So catch the wisdom of Brian Tracy and expand your area of gratitude and influence. Share3TweetPin1ShareShare4 Shares

Here are 7 different tactics to help you not be angry

7 Ways to Prevent Anger

Reading Time: 8 minutes Anger, we have talked about what it is and where does anger come from. Knowing about anger is good. Yet we still at times get mad. Though the bible doesn’t say it, I am sure somewhere along his story, Job threw his hands up and said, “Oh Come ON!” We as humans get angry. That goes without saying. There wouldn’t be an emotion called anger if we all didn’t get ticked off from time to time. Anger as an emotion can be debated as to whether it is good or not. It is definitely a good motivator because you, as a …

smiling it improves your face value

Why do We Smile?

Reading Time: < 1 minute There is a lot of thoughts on why we smile. The benefits have been looked at and studied but scientist and the curious for years. People find smiling faces to be more welcoming and pleasant than just a hello. We can hear smiles in a person’s voice. It is a social indicator where we are accepted into a group. Smiling even changes the chemical composition of the brain. So when someone says you just need to smile more to get out of a funk. You cant feel miserable when you are smiling. There are many quotes covering the power of …

How can you make a decision confidently.

How to make Confident Decisions

Reading Time: < 1 minute Feel like you are stuck on making a discussion? Most guys do from time to time. We struggle to make the right move. Many guys will try to weigh every possible option we can think of. It seems like the bigger the decision the harder it is to make the right one. We have trained ourselves to second guess our intuition. So how do we make better confident decisions faster? Today’s video is of Tony Robbins and how he makes decisions. There are many different ways to approach a problem and decide the course of action. I have found a …

How to get better sleep

Three styles of Naping

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sleep it is your best friend and worst enemy depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Often men who are battling with themselves have a hard time sleeping. They sit up late at night with things on their mind. Did they say the right thing at the job? How am I going to fix the snafu with the wife? All of these and more can cause insomnia. Here are some ways you can get some sleep and better yet, restful sleep that will help you stay alert and sharp. That way you can stand out in the meeting and …

Bring me your good vibes

3 ways you can change your mindset

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mindset, the way you attack a problem will determine the type of success you have. The more positive your mindset the better the chance you have at achieving your goals. Yet we are human and we as people fight the negativity so much that is it a challenge to stay a bright and shining ray of happiness and a positive attitude. So how can you keep a positive mindset when life is pounding your tail into the ground? That is where today’s post comes in to play. What happens if you notice you have a negative mindset? Your disposition is …

Conquer your obstacles easily with a positive mindset

What Is Your Mindset?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Growing up I always heard you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. I know I said that about my son more than once when he would sneak out of a locked house to go play at the park. When that boy wanted to go outside, he was going outside. He had a getting outside mindset. I am sure you have heard that and see examples of people who are able to do almost anything. They always seem to land on their feet. Have you ever wondered why that is? How about those folks who just seem …

Your mindset is the superpower within

You Have a Superpower Called Mindset.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ever wanted superpowers as a kid? Me? Shoot yeah man I  wanted X-ray vision for the obvious reasons after I discovered girls cooties are not so bad. Yet I also wanted to be able to fly and bend steel with my bare hands. All the fun things about being superhuman. Dr. Alia Crum says we have superhuman abilities. Now don’t go getting lead underwear as of yet. This superpower is the power of your mind. No, not like Dr, Xavier, but close. The power of knowing you can. Believing you can, shows you can. Dr. Crum did a Ted Talk …