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Can Positivity be Toxic? – Ep 54

Reading Time: < 1 minute Question of the week – brought to you by The Brotherhood of Men Read Bryan Goodwin‘s answer to Should the government play any role in the parent/child relationship? Are there circumstances where outside involvement/support/restrictions is/are acceptable? Who gets the final say in what happens to a child? on Quora Main Topic Toxic what? Yeah The topic this week is a little out there. According to some people you can actually be too happy. Which in my thought is a bunch of whoey. And this is for many different reasons the biggest being that you can make people feel bad for …

Therea are several different types of emotions you experience in your life

Types of Emotions

Reading Time: 7 minutes Even though we are often stoic with our emotions. Men often feel several different types of emotions. From Positive to Negative, Useful and useless. What’s the difference?