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The Obstacle Is The Way

That obstruction is often something unexpected. Whether you are fired from your job or you find out your child has a debilitating disease. There is always something that is going to happen at the worst possible time. Maybe it is writer’s block and you are trying to fill a goal of one story a day. We all get obstacles. You ever find yourself getting ready to do a new project or maybe you are about to make a huge change in yourself. Whatever the project, be it yourself or something …

Overcoming Difficulties In Your Path

We all have difficulties. Thats a part of life. Those hard times you encounter are often called Character building exercises. Then there are the really hard times that will blindside you on some idle Tuesday. These big problems can often trip people up. These boulders inlife often cause people to sink into dispair or give up all together. This week We are talking about these obsticles and Ryan Holiday’s book The Obsticle is the Way. This video by LearningREADefined explains the book in such a personal and perfect way. We often …

Join usGet outdoors with Relaxed Male and go home with an Action Plan

Join Bryan and a small group of other men on a camping trip in Oklahoma. Get the full experience of the "3-day effect" by spending 4 days and 3 nights enjoying the outdoors and developing a plan that you can use to take massive action to change your life.