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Nice Guys finish last

Truth about Nice Guys

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are you a nice guy? Sure we all like to think we are.but are you a real nice guy? I mean the guy who is often friend zoned if you are single. Are you the guy who is always passed up for the job promotion. Though you work hard and are always helping out other folks in your department, The arrogant jerk in the office has received the new position being filled. Are you that nice guy? Why do nice guys finish last? It isn’t fair right. You ben over backward to make sure everybody is happy and you show …

To Agree or Disagree

Reading Time: < 1 minute Are you agreeable or are you confrontational? Why do people who are agreeable find themselves in tight spots? While disagreeable people are often in jail. According to Jordon Peterson, there are several. The point is if you are the nice guy, you finish last because you argue against your interest for the sake of being liked. Why are some people overly agreeable and others are so disagreeable? Dr. Jordan Peterson talks about how we are can learn from people who are different than you. If you are wanting to stop being a nice guy watch a guy you would like …