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What the Art of Allowing Means

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Art of Allowing is the topic that the video is covering. This is also called the Law of Allowing. This is a Abraham-Hick thought that if you are not resisting the energy of the universe you will allow for more desired results to happen. Devan Christine is the speaker today and she shines some light on how the law of allowing helps you in the law of attraction. Share2TweetPin2ShareShare4 Shares

How the Law of Attraction Works

Reading Time: < 1 minute So we talked about scarcity mindset last week and why it drags you down. This week is about abundance. As I was looking for material to share for today I found that the whole abundant and scarcity ties in with the Laws of Attraction. which is apparently tied in with the Secret which I have never seen but I will have to see about the book. So today we are talking about the Law of Attraction. Many people seem to think it is a woo-woo type of belief system when in reality it is a mindset that attracts your desires …