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Are You Going To Make This Year Easy or The Best?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Alright, New Year! Woo hoo! So what are you going to do with this new year since last year was such an off-year? It wasn’t bad so much as it was just not anything anybody was expecting. Since many people have lived this year in fear. Some have raged and there were do many victim cards throwing around. You couldn’t count them all. There is a saying  Hard times make strong men. Strong men Make good times, Good times make weak men. Weak men make hard times. unknown With that knowledge, you see that we have had too many people …

Find Who You Are – EP 47

Reading Time: < 1 minute When searching for yourself and what your purpose is, start with the core. Your core values are way more important for your navigation of life than many want to believe.

Are You Using The Mirror or The Windshield? -EP 40

Reading Time: < 1 minute Question of the week Read Bryan Goodwin‘s answer to I feel like my boyfriend still likes his ex-crush, but when I ask about it, he would say he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. How can I test if he still likes her? on Quora The Main Topic Are you driving through life by looking through the windshield or are you driving by the rearview mirror? So many times we look in the rearview mirror instead of the windshield while going through life. Why do we do this? There is a reason we drive looking out of the windshield of …

Your Life as Clay

Reading Time: 6 minutes You can look at life much as you could a lump of clay. You can shape it and form it to your will. Then there is a very difficult part that many won’t do. Are you willing to take all the steps needed?

Making a 12 week Calendar

Reading Time: < 1 minute This year I am going to try a different tactic. I like the 12 week sprint. So I am going to try this method this year. I really would like a good example of how to set up a 12 week year layout, because my organization skills are nonexistent. So this video had a link to a template that is helping tremendously. Share3TweetPin2ShareShare5 Shares

EP 01: How is Relaxed Male Going to change my mindset?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello men, So today we have our very first episode of the new podcast the Relaxed Male. This is another channel that will help men find out that they have more potential of achieving their dreams than originally thought Now, this episode does a brief overview of the 4 pillars of Relaxed Male. These pillars are The Man His Mind His Community Creativity Each of these pillars helps men to find find the needed ground so that they can face the daily challenges that show up. Often, men, these days are burning out or even word developing a mental illness. …