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You can have a strange family but these folks are still important to your world

Survive The Difficult Family Members

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hey, it’s Christmas time, If you haven’t’ noticed yet! You had thanksgiving fly by and it reminded you exactly why you hate family functions. Yeah, something happens each year. You have subjected to the blatant back handed complements from the drunk aunt who has the self-delusional thoughts that she is in charge of everything. Then your odd uncle who believes you are still 8 and wants to wrestle after drinking a 12 pack. While you have great aunts who come by and her dementia seems to get just a little worse each year. The Family is such an interesting dynamic. …

Build your gratitude with these 7 tools

7 Tools for build your Gratitude

Reading Time: 4 minutes So you are well on your way to having a life of happiness and gratitude. You want to start taking steps to be happier and fulfilled. If life throws you lemons you have the perfect lemonade recipe to try out. The issue is you have had a Debbie Downer attitude of several years so it will take time and patience with yourself to change course. Yet it doesn’t hurt to have some tools, and us guys always are up for tools. So try these 7 different tools for building your attitude of Gratitude. Write Thank You Cards This suggestion comes …

Build an attitude of gratitude

The Key to Happiness is Gratitude

Reading Time: 5 minutes You ever walk down a street and see someone who just beams happiness? They are always just chipper upbeat and flat-out happy? How about a person who appears to have everything yet they are always in a foul mood. You ever wonder how they could appear so miserable? Now there could be lots of different reason for one or the other. you could have the happy person just quit his job and has started out on his own. The two people in this example more than likely have one thing that is different. and that is the happy person has …

This video that is about the gift you can give yourself and everybody else by having gratitude

The Perptual Gift of Gratitude

Reading Time: 2 minutes How many times have you been told to be grateful? If you were raised by may parents you were told that you better be grateful for what you have. Interesting how much parents know. That gratitude is a source of your happiness. This is what our video this week is about. David Steindl-Rast Talks about how even though there are people who have everything you could need to be happy. Yet they can and often times are unhappy. That is because they lack gratitude. Then there are people who see to have nothing but bad luck. Everything seems to fall …