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Ozark Trail Folding Shovel

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is one thing you need to have in your camping gear inventory? Sleeping bag? Check. Tent? Yeah, it does help a lot to have one of those. Food? Without a doubt. So what else do you absolutely need? It could be something you don’t have in your kit but the moment you have it you will wonder how you got by without it for so long. That is a folding camp shovel. Oh yeah, I didn’t know I needed one either till I went on my second camping trip into the somewhat backcountry of Oklahoma.  When My son and …

Build a fire with this important piece of camping equipment

UST SparkForce Fire Starter Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yay! got the last of the kids through school. We don’t have to worry about the fundraiser of the month. Late nights buying weird stuff for science projects. In other words, we are going to have up to a good $1000 /month extra. Now if I have my say I will shortly have a very good camping gear collection building up. Will that happen? Probably not because the wife will need the money for a project she has planned so I will let her have it. Either way, I will be building my camping supplies up rather fast or rather …