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How to Conquer Fears

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ok Here is Jocko Willink. If you don’t know him you are about to learn about this crazy intense man. How does a SEAL get over the fear? Well, you may not like it but Jacko drops the best way to get over the fear of whatever you are scared to do. He talks about how he helped his daughter get over stage fright, At first, he tried one way and it didn’t work she just had to do it and do it till she got used to an audience. His line of thinking is just a straight line to …

Facing the Real Enemy

Reading Time: 8 minutes I started this post late last week I was surprised as to how relevant it is for today’s events and I ask that you sit through this and hear what is being said. Because there is so much finger-pointing being done this week all out of our greatest enemy. Who is that? Well, I am sure that there are some screaming that it is the police but the real enemy in this scenario is the same enemy that holds people back from getting out of the poor districts. It is the same enemy that causes good people to fall. This …

How to be fearless

Reading Time: < 1 minute How can you stay calm and confident in a pressure filled situation? If you want to know how to be like Thomas Shelby and remain calm you can do these three things. Share6TweetPin1ShareShare7 Shares

EP 10 – What is Holding You Back from Starting?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Talking about failing to even start today. What holds you back? What are the factors that keep you from even taking getting far enough down the road to even feel stuck? Fear This is the biggest of all and encompasses just about everything that makes you not even want to jump off the diving board into the pool of cool success. Fear of Results But we want results right? Yes, we do. yet many times those results can be scary to think of. Some people are afraid of what’s going to happen to them if and when they become successful. …

The Problem with Fear of the Unknown

Reading Time: 8 minutes You are setting in your office and you just got an email from the boss. The phrasing is a bit ambiguous but you read it as he is not happy. So, what do you do? Do you avoid the email act like it isn’t there? Perhaps you go ahead and reply, then start packing your things? When in reality you read the email completely wrong and he is going to offer you a promotion. Take your teenage son as another example he borrowed the family car. Now he is an hour and a half late for curfew. What as a …

Fear Is Holding You Back

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fear is one of those emotions that can sneak up on you and out of “Safety” keep you from reaching your goals. Fear is the basis of many other negative emotions. Like anger anxiety procrastination. Call of form out of a fear of a task or job at hand. The fear you hear in your head, might be trying to keep you safe and comfortable but if you step out of that comfort zone for a little bit you will grow. Share9TweetPin1ShareShare10 Shares