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The Camping Gear You Need

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alright, April is leaving me with high hopes and an eagerness to get outdoors. That means that camping season is here. You could have gone camping a few times here in Oklahoma but with the wind, it would be a challenge. Now I have to admit I haven’t gone camping as of yet because of 1 work but also I am still getting some needed equipment. But I will be doing some backyard camping just so I am able to get used to the tents and sleeping bag and keep my goals. I am missing a lot of what I …

What equipment is a person needing to have when camping?

What Equipment is needed for camping?

Reading Time: 6 minutes You are wanting to start camping. Same here! I miss the fun and relaxations that you encounter when you go camping. Then smell of the campfire. The pitching of the tent the casting of a line into the river. So much about camping that is fun exciting and relaxing. That is what being a relaxed male is about. Finding that inner peace about you. Many men find it in the wide-open world of camping. As I mentioned in a previous post I miss camping. The whole experience is connected with me, or at least I remember it connecting with me. …