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Your confidence can be made confidently

Why are Confident Decisions so Tough?

Reading Time: 6 minutes What is one of the scariest things we do as guys? No it isn’t entering the room of the teenager, nor is it trying to decipher the “Sure Go Ahead” your wife just gave you. Though that last is more suicidal than scary. How many people do you know who falter when it comes to making a decision? Decisions seem to trip us men up on so many levels. What? No way. Yeah,  and it’s not just men but women too struggle with making decisions. That is why there is a saying that it’s a woman prerogative to change her …

4 Sites that help you make a decision

4 Tools to Help You Make a Decision

Reading Time: 3 minutes When is it time to make a decision how do you do it? Flip a coin. Do Eeny Meeny Miney Moe? There are different ways you can make a decision and with this week talking about making a choice. It is good to have a tool or two that will help you make an educated decision. We know leaving it up to chance is not a good way to make a choice. Though you have a 50/50 chance to win out. Yet if I know anything about luck and chance, the more important the decision left to chance fate will …

How can you make a decision confidently.

How to make Confident Decisions

Reading Time: < 1 minute Feel like you are stuck on making a discussion? Most guys do from time to time. We struggle to make the right move. Many guys will try to weigh every possible option we can think of. It seems like the bigger the decision the harder it is to make the right one. We have trained ourselves to second guess our intuition. So how do we make better confident decisions faster? Today’s video is of Tony Robbins and how he makes decisions. There are many different ways to approach a problem and decide the course of action. I have found a …