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The Art of Being Present- EP 80

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Question of The Week By The Brotherhood of Men Help me. How do I stop feeling hurt when people say mean things about me? Is what they are saying true? If not then why are you giving these people all your power? You are volunteering your piece of mind and happiness to people who obviously don’t have your happiness in mind. Stop with the victim mindset. You have the power to let some bozo hurt your feelings or not. When you can look at your thoughts and decide how that affects you. You will gain the power back from …

Seek first to understand

Reading Time: < 1 minute Seek first to understand before you are understood is one of the habits of a highly effective person. This concept really came to light in the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This concept is also needed to be able to effect lay communicate with your spouse or girlfriend. Many times we listen foe a place to inject our opinions and thoughts. While not helping the person speaking to be able to share their thoughts in an effective manner. So listen in and see what it means to seek to understand before being understood. ShareTweetPin1ShareShare1 Shares

Effective Communication

Reading Time: < 1 minute We are struggling with how to talk and communicate our ideas in an effective manner. Different events that result from a lack of good strong communication skills. We have lost relationships because of bad communication. Have you ever noticed that you or your wife feel as if you are drifting apart? That is because of the lack of communication. The same can be said about why your son is turning to people who don’t have the same beliefs as you. All because of poor communication channels. So listen to what Marcos Velazquez says and se how you can improve your …

Rough and tumble boys are normal. They are far from toxic.

There is No Toxic Masculinity Because Our Boys Aren’t Broken

Reading Time: 7 minutes Are Boys Broken? That is a question that is brought up in the wake of the horrible massacre that happened in Florida. We have the normal political rantings and raving from both sides as to whether gun control is needed. Yet another group has decided to blame the sex of the shooter. They like to use the new buzzword Toxic Masculinity. Right off the bat, the words will set your teeth on edge if you have never heard it. What is Toxic Masculinity? In case you are having trouble processing what this is supposed to mean. Let me help you …

responsibility versus victimhood

Want to be a Man? Stop Playing the Victim.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Now I am going to step into this pool because, well I have seen this issue come up over and over and over again. I am seeing young men becoming lost. They are being assaulted by all sides. These young men have schools telling them they can’t be boys. They have groups that are beating them down just for being a male. So they try to bend and fight against who they are. I see High schoolers and College boys who lose their identity all because a group of postmodernist have told them that their maleness is bad. Masculinity is …

strike an alpha pose and leave the rest intimidated

Stand Like A Leader

Reading Time: < 1 minute How you hold yourself says a lot. People make judgment calls. Even thought who scream dont judge me make Judgment Calls. So When a person sees another person who is shrunkin or with drawn,  a leader is not what comes to mind. People in general look to a person who emotes confidence and give off the impression that they are the leader.  In the following video Amy Cuddy talks about how your body language defines who you are. How you hold yourself has many other affects too many physilogical along with mental. Amy talks abouthow if you hold your alpha …