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How to Fight the Resistance to Change

Reading Time: 12 minutes Making changes is difficult. Many people are very change-resistant while others go with the flow. Every human is different this is true. Some struggle with just one thing in their life-changing while other’s lives look like absolute chaos and they seem to thrive in it. Change is the only constant we have in our life, well except for death and taxes. We change from a baby to a toddler, to a tween, to a teenager, to an adult, to an old man. Even the time we die changes. Use to be that the average age of death was in the …

Why We Are All Afraid of Change

Reading Time: < 1 minute Change is always happening from day to night and season to season. We fight off that change often to our suffering. Why do we fear change so much? That is what our video this week covers. Our ingrained sense of fear when something is coming over the horizon or suddenly without our knowing. ShareTweetPin7ShareShare7 Shares