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Here are 7 different tactics to help you not be angry

7 Ways to Prevent Anger

Reading Time: 8 minutes Anger, we have talked about what it is and where does anger come from. Knowing about anger is good. Yet we still at times get mad. Though the bible doesn’t say it, I am sure somewhere along his story, Job threw his hands up and said, “Oh Come ON!” We as humans get angry. That goes without saying. There wouldn’t be an emotion called anger if we all didn’t get ticked off from time to time. Anger as an emotion can be debated as to whether it is good or not. It is definitely a good motivator because you, as a …

Video on 3 ways you can stop being angry

3 Ways of Getting Over Feeling Angry

Reading Time: 2 minutes You ever notice that, when you get butthurt, it is hard for you to get over the initial anger? Why do we get angry so fast? Well according to Julia Kristina it could be that we have some deeply ingrained bitterness that keeps rearing its ugly head. High Expectations Many times we have expectations that are too high. We get angry when we expect people to have the same considerations as we do. Yet when these people fail to be as considerate as we feel we are we are let down. With that letdown, we get angry Having Scarcity Often …

do you know why you get angry?

Anger and Where It Comes From

Reading Time: 7 minutes Mad, Irked, Miffed, upset, outraged, furious, indignant, irritated, or pissed off these are all ways we describe being angry. These are all varying degrees of anger. No matter what you call it we get angry from time to time. Where does anger come from? Why do we, as normally balanced men, get angry? For the longest time, I use to say Anger is a useless emotion. all it does is cause destruction and it makes the situation worse. If you fly off the handle and get angry you might turn a simple misunderstanding into a situation where there is either …

Cann you gain strength through anger?

Anger and Strength

Reading Time: 2 minutes Well, last week didn’t go quite as planned. So I am taking a mulligan for another swing at anger. I have always taken anger as being an almost useless emotion. in men self-improvement, we have to find a way to address this particular emotion. My original approach to anger was that it does nothing but cause more trouble than it fixes. As I have been learning about the value of emotions even anger has a purpose. The problem is when you mix anger with an action like aggression as mentioned in last weeks video with Tripp Lanier. This week video …

Can anger be good for you?

Using your anger for good?

Reading Time: < 1 minute What? You can use your anger for positive objectives? According to Men’s Coach a Tripp Lanier, yes. Because he believes that anger isn’t the problem but aggression is. As you will see in Tripp’s example of the man vs the inflatable swan. Where he talks about a man who is knocking the fire out of a swan the wronged him somehow. The advice that is given is golden, solid and needed to be heard. So pay attention and understand why anger is actually a good thing. Share11TweetPin1ShareShare12 Shares