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Why Affirmations work

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week we are talking about affirmations. How do affirmations help today’s leaders? To introduce this week I found this video by Ryan Cropper and he talks about how affirmations work. Ryan states that Affirmations are times that you are reinforcing a particular belief. Often when you wake up you make negative affirmations to yourself without even thinking of it. You may ask yourself low-quality questions or make a statement along the lines of, “I didn’t get anything done.” That line of thinking will cause your subconscious mind to build on that statement. Not knowing that it is a rhetorical …

Bring me your good vibes

3 ways you can change your mindset

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mindset, the way you attack a problem will determine the type of success you have. The more positive your mindset the better the chance you have at achieving your goals. Yet we are human and we as people fight the negativity so much that is it a challenge to stay a bright and shining ray of happiness and a positive attitude. So how can you keep a positive mindset when life is pounding your tail into the ground? That is where today’s post comes in to play. What happens if you notice you have a negative mindset? Your disposition is …