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  • Light Weight
  • Length for a Tall guy
  • Comes with patches and glue


  • A little narrow
  • Could have come with more documentation
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The Sleepingo ultralight air matresss

When you were young you could sleep just about anywhere. Lumpy rock was just as comfortable as a feather bed. Sadly you can’t have the dynamic durability as you age. Nowadays I regret sleeping on the couch when I go to take a nap. I’m sure like you wonder where you picked up the glass back.

Well If you are a hiker or just a plain ol camper you will want to find a sleeping pad to use unless you get a really comfortable camping bed or an amazing cot with memory foam then you may not need a sleeping pad. If you like to “sort of” rough it then the SleepNGo Ultralight sleeping pad could do just the trick for allowing you to get the much needed sleep while not worrying about the pad taking up too much room or weight.

A Bit Narrow

Inflated Sleeping pad

When I pulled this pad out of its carry case One thing that first hit me is wow that is a narrow sleeping mat. Now I am a rolly pollie type of person. I switch sides often when sleeping so at first there was a little apprehension that I was goign to roll off of the pad.After inflating the pad I saw the shape better. Thsi pad is ment for people who use Mummy bags. This could mean that there is a bit of extra insolation factor to look at when using this sleeping pad. That is because most Mummy bags are cold weather bags. Ranging below freezing.I also wasn’t able to stay fully on the pad through the night. Now my wife thinks that it may do better if it was inside the bag and that could be true. I will try sleeping with The SleepNGo inside my bag a few time to see if there is anythign different.

Easy to air up

Airing up the pad was easy though there is not nozzle for your mouth to go. you just blow into the hole and there is a black rubber flab that will keep the air in. To remove the air you grab the black flap and pull it out.

Plenty long enough

The I could tell that my feet were on the air pad when I was on the air pad. Yet having my feet on the pad wasnt really an issue.

The Problem

I think the biggest issue is that I was still making contact with the ground. The SleepNGo air pad did lose some air through the night but that could be becasue the air was cooler than when it was aired up so the air might have condensed a bit. That wouldn’t be any issue with the sleeping pad itselfThe problem I had is my hips were in full contact with the ground. There were a few times my hips didn’t just ache but flat out hurt. I am a side sleeper so that coud be the root of the problem. This may be ment for people in mummy bags and I always picture them to be back sleepers. So I may need something more akin to a kinder mat but I am not giving up on the SleepNGo Ultralight sleep pad just yet. I will just take some getting use to, or a cot one of the two. 

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