Review: BareBones Hori Hori

BareBones Hori Hori








Extra Features


Sharpness of Blades



  • Sturdy
  • Depth markers
  • Dual Edged
  • Bottle Opener


  • Blade is dull
  • The Screw could come lose
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When camping there are times that you need to cut stuff be some paracord or some meat. You need a knife in your camping kit. There are several different types of knives you can use. There are the pocket knives to machetes, each has its specific use.

Today I want to talk about a unique knife I found and really started to like. It is a knife called the Hori Hori which is a Japanese gardening knife. Yet this knife has some other nice bits added to it thanks to the guys over at Barebones Living

The BareBones Hori Hori

The Hori Hori

The Barebones Hori Hori is a 13.25″ knife that has a 7.25″ Stainless steel blade on it. There is a full-length tang that is connected to a very solid pummel. There is a screw to connect the pommel to the tang. This camping knife as a whole is solid Because of how it is constructed, if you lose your hammer you can driver your tent stakes into the ground with it.

Hori hori is a useful tool to have

The Handle is made of Walnut and is very comfortable to hold in your hand. Though mine did come with a small defect in the handle it was just an aesthetic problem and isn’t a big thing at all

The pommel on the end of the Hori Hori as a screw

The two blades on the knife be a little disappointing. The first thing I notice is that the serrated edge has a pretty good edge on it. The straight edge. Is dull, now this could be so that you can carry it in some states. There are laws about dual-edge knives. So you will need to work on your stainless steel sharpening skills.

The Barebones Hori hori has a Dull straight edge

The blades also one single bevel so you will be sharpening only one side. Some people this is a problem for others it’s not. Either way, you now will know what to expect from the blades.

Barebones Hori hori has a serrated edge

This Hori Hori has some thoughtful features built into the blade. There is a straight edge and a serrated edge. There is also a combination twine cutter and bottle opener.

THe Barebones Hori Hori has measuring marks for up to 6 inches

The blade is curved so if you are working on your garden you can scoop dirt out of the way of your seedlings you are trying to plant. For the camp that cupped blade is good for light digging.

Hori hori has a cupped blade

On the backside of the blade are lines etched into the blade so you are able to measure depth in inches.

Hori Hori has a bottle opener and Twine cutter

The Sheath

The sheath is made of waxed canvas. It has a leather handle snap to hold the Hori Hori in place and a leather loop that can be used to attach other objects to the sheath.

There are two ways to attach the belt to you. It has a clip that you can slide on or you can slide your belt behind the clip for a studier attachment. So the sheath has both a clip and a loop.

They have also a plastic insert in the sheath so that it will stay open for easy insertion of the knife.

Great hiking and camping knife to have so if you are needing to dig up something or needing a blade to use for whatever reason, the Hori Hori is handy to have. A tool that will be put to use. I will be buying a sharpener so I can have a good edge on my knife. Yet it is a good knife that I like to take out and just hold from time to time.

Barebones have quite a few good outdoors items available and will be adding more to my list.


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