Are you ready to quit smoking?

Are you tired of a cough? The Objective glances as you light up a smoke getting old? You have the yellowing teeth your dentist is harping on and on about. Then there is the breath of a day old ashtray. Are you tired of being a smoker?

You have been smoking for over 20 years. You remember when you could smoke on airplanes? Perhaps like me, you joked about going to the cancer section in the restaurants. Let’s face it. You are tired of smoking. The almost blind panic when you get in the car and you can’t find your lighter or you left your pack of smokes.  When you have to walk nearly the length of a football field just to get to the smoking area. The world has made it as inconvenient as possible for us smokers. The prices are getting so high that you are no longer using a named brand cigarette. You are using the off brands and they make you cough up a lung at night. They taste like cardboard and dirt yet you are still shelling out almost 5 bucks for a pack.

Then there is the bad breath. The receding gumlines. Do have a tooth that feels like it is getting loose? you are facing in bigger chance that you will have cancer of the mouth tongue, or lungs. I am sure you have had a couple of people lost due to the Big C. Then there is that nagging cough that you get all the time.

It’s Time For A Change

Man, I get it you are tired of being ostracised by your friends. You have to leave the bar to get your nicotine fix these days. Yet you have tried patches, gum, even the tried and true Cold Turkey. You made it almost a month that way. Then you had a crappy day at work. The Boss yelled at you and you lost your dog. It was time for a good old pity party. YOu said screw it If I am going to die at least I will die happy, and you lit up fresh square. Even as the welcomed lightheadedness comes in you feel that twinge of failure knocking. You broke the promise to yourself.

Why can’t you quit? you claim it is because of the addiction to nicotine it too strong. What if I told you the reason you think that way is only because you heard someone say that? So what if you can throw away that pack and you can pick up that pack and not smoke again?

The Solution

There are three key ingredients to quit smoking.

  1. The first is you have to want to quit smoking. Not the wishy-washy I will try to quit. If you are using that language, you really don’t want to quit. Understand that leave an opening for that good possibility that you will slide back into the comfortable cloud of despair is a cop-out. It means you don’t really want to change. You have to find your “Why”. Why do you want to quit and never look back? Your family and friends will try to lure you back because you are doing something they didn’t have the courage to do. You have to be ok that you may actually lose some friends because they are not brave enough to even try. Find your “WHY“.
  2. The second ingredient is getting an aid. Quitting cold turkey is a way to do it. It is also the hardest way to do it too. You are grumpy and irritable. Your coworkers will think of you as an asshole. People will not want to hang around you because misery loves company. Why should you be the only person who is not having a good time? You gave up smoking and so other people should suffer right alongside you dangit.
    So use an aid, Patches are good lozenges are too. In fact, use them together. WHAT? Yeah. Many people don’t realize that they slap a patch on right before going to bed. Then through the day while driving to work or at 10 o’clock when they are used to being able to have a smoke break they can pop a lozenge and rest it under their tongue. Let it dissolve and it’s like getting a quick puff.
  3. The final ingredient is one you can’t get just anywhere and that is the power of the mastermind. Having a group of men who are solely interested in making sure you do your very best. These guys are better than your best friend because your friend won’t call BS on the lies you are telling yourself.

My Story

I started smoking when I was 21. Figured, I was fully grown and shoot why not. I remember the first drag I took off of a cig. The lightheaded sensation I had after working hard all day. It was nice. It was welcomed as a matter of fact. Now fast forward 18 years. Then I caught my son with a pack of my cigarettes. Been noticing for several months that I had been misplacing my pack cigarettes more and more often. I was wondering if I was having a problem with memory. Then one day I walked up to my son’s room and he didn’t hear me coming. Walking in on my son taking a big drag was a wake-up call. Now to say I blew my top was an understatement, I was livid. There was a lot of hollering and screaming. There was a very preachy lecture involved.

Did it stop him? Nope, the damage was done. He has grown up watching me suck on one cancers tick after another. So why not follow the old man down this avenue too. Even though as he was growing up he would tell me I needed to quit smoking. He was right.

So I taught him how to smoke so I needed to teach him how to quit. I looked around for different variations. I tried the different apps that help you cut down on your smoking. None of those had all the elements I needed to quit. I tried the patches, They didn’t kill the craving for an after dinner smoke. Nor did they help when I hopped behind the wheel. Cold turkey made it where I was obsessing over cigarettes. They just made me extra grumpy and unbearable to be around.

Then I found out about using lozenges as a cigarette and as I used the patch. That helped out a lot. But there were still the cravings. from time to time you had to fight yourself to want to give up. And that is where the power of the mastermind comes into play.

When it comes to smoking cessation you have a ton of options. There is hypnotherapy, drugs, patches, lozenges, gum, phone apps. So many ways you can quit. Yet there is one I know that works, and it works every time. I want to help you. Quitting is tough. Insanely hard. Yet if you add the all three keys together you can quit. You can even still be around your friends who are smoking.

If you would like to join me and breathe free. Regain those years you supposedly lost. It isn’t overnight. This program lasts 3 months. Right now as I try it out on those folks who really want to quit I am only asking for their dedication. When I have enough folks who have tried it and can tell me how well it works then there will be a fee for this program so if you are ready to quit smoking. You want to breath deeper than you have in a long time. You want to go hiking again and enjoy the smell of the air around you. Then please join me for the Quit Smoking Mastermind.

Fill out the form below and I will be getting in touch with you.

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