Geocaching is the largest hide and go seek game.

Geocaching: Lets Go on a Treasure Hunt

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Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt? We all went treasure hunting at one time.  My best friend and I in school once saw an incredibly bright rainbow and so we took off to go find the end of the rainbow so we could get the gold.

Well as you probably know **Spoiler Alert** there is no end of a rainbow. They are in fact round. That and they are refractions of light. Which doesn’t help to keep them fixed in one place either?

So how does a bizarre tale of rainbows, and a pirate’s booty call have in common with getting outdoors? Well, that is an amazing community of people who go outdoors and look for geocaches. The ultimate Hide and Seek pastime while also getting out outdoors.

There are several different types of caches some are very straightforward while others have hints and clues to find the big treasure.

What is the Geocache History?

Back on May 3, 2000, Dave Ulmer posted on sci.geo.satellitenav the location 45°17.460′N 122°24.800′W which is considered the very first Geocache. Why is May 3rd the date? Well, that is the time that the Department of Defences allowed everyone accesses to more of the GPS satellites. So people were able to find more exact locations. 

Therefore as men and nerds being what we are. People started making a game. This game has all sorts of rules but they are for safety and a way to keep the game fun. Geocaching started out being called GeoStashing but so folks saw the word stash as being a negative connotation as in your drug stash so they change the name to Cache.

Key rules to know

The rules as a whole are very simple.

  • If you take something from a Geocache leave something of equal or greater value.
  • When you find a Cache, Sign the log book. Trade out any hitchhikers or trinkets you find.
  • Place the cache back where you found it.

That is it in a nutshell. if you are wanting more information on Geocaching to see Geocaching101

Is Geo Caching a Special Club?

No, not really all you need is a device to find the coordinates for the location of the cache. This can be a phone or a GPS device. Then also you want to wear appropriate clothing. So if you are going to be trecking around outdoors on a hiking trail then you don’t want to be wearing flip-flops. If you are looking around in a park then maybe flip-flops will be just fine.

You can, however, be more active on the GeoCaching website but purchasing a premium membership this allows for you to find higher lever caches on the app. You can also buy Cache tags so that you are able to hide geocaches. If you want to help contribute they sell lots of cool and fun objects and tags to transport from one cache to another.

There are tips for placing caches outside in the wild.

  • Don’t place on private property
  • Don’t make it to where a person has to cross private property to get to the cache
  • Don’t have offensive material.
  • Tread softly and leave no trace

So to be a part of the group the only thing you really have to do is get outdoors and start finding these caches.

What’s the benefit to Geocaching?

First, it gets you outdoors. This is the number one and the biggest reason. You are outdoors and getting fresh air. you are moving usually up and down some inclines so you are getting your blood pumping.

Another reason is you get to be a part of a group. You will find yourself meeting some interesting people as you wander around looking for where they have hidden that darn box. They will like to stop and talk share their thoughts or extra hints as to where you can find the cache you are looking for.

Other Forms of Geocaching

As I was looking and doing so research on Geocaching I found out that there are a few different forms of geocaching. Some are actually predecessors to geocaching. While others are geocaching and Pokemon Go styles mashed together.


By QuentinUKOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Take geocaching and go back to 1854. People would find these boxes and would place postcards and letters into them. When someone found the box people would mail those letters out.

Now people have these boxed set up some are found on a letterbox website while others are only found by word of mouth. Nowadays there are so many letters being sent but many rubber stamp to place in your log book. So you can build and your own letterbox and you can make it as elaborate as you choose. Then help everyone find it.


This is a different type of scavenger hunt. Where you have an app that you use to scan in the places you “Capture” There are virtual spots too. This looks to be fun but the biggest drawback is if you want to add places to your area you have to but the munzee locations. many are stickers and magnets. You can also buy a pack of virtual munzees for $40 a little steep. I don’t know much about again I just found out about it as I was doing research for geocaching. Yet it looks interesting. So, in my opinion, but if you want to try to get a game going then it could be worth the investment.

However, you have chosen to go out. Do so. Fall has officially arrived and the weather is getting back to a nice cool temp so you can spend more time outdoors and getting in contact with the earth. So take the family and let the kids find their treasures in a GeoCache. They will have fun as you make some of the dearest memories around.

These memories are precious as time goes on. you may have a new craze that all of your family will enjoy. Do you do geocaching? How about Letterboxing? Do you play Munzee? Let us know and share your profile in the comments below. I would like to see how many people are into these activities.

Featured Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

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