Eureka! Tetragon HD 3 Review

Eureka! Tetragon HD 3 Tent Review


Easy to set up


Great Summer Tent


Good First Timers Tent



  • Easy Set up
  • Great Summer Tent
  • Good First Timers Tent


  • Floor Fabric is Very thin
  • Over 6" people will have to sleep diagonally
  • Not 3 Season
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What if you were wanting to go out camping and you didn’t have a use for a 7 person tent? Then you may want a tent that would be better suited for a single to 3 people. Do you need a tent that has good ventilation? Looking for a tent that will keep you cool in the summer without letting bugs in?

This is the 3 person tent made by Eureka!
Exterior of the Eureka HD 3 person tent

The Tetragon HD3 by Eureka! is a tent that will do the job of giving you the much-needed escape from the skeeters and other bloodsuckers that are out in the summertime. Yet be light enough to easily take with you out on a weekend or extended camping trip.

The Tertagone HD Series of tents by Eureka have several different sizes. These sizes are noted by the number in my case it is the Tetragon HD3 but it is also available in the 2, 4, 5 and 8 person size.

The Tent

First, the Tetragon HD 3 is light and it packs down to a nice small pack it has its own stuff sack so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. This tent is small enough to fit on to a backpack though if you are ultralight you may scoff at the 6 pounds 7oz in weight. If you are just trekking into the forest and not moving each day the Teragon HD 3 can easily do the job. If you are looking for a nice affordable 3 person tent again Eureka’s tent will do the job.

The Tetragon HD 3 is a dome style tent. It contains 4 poles. Two poles are for the structure and two smaller poles are used to keep the rain fly aloft. That way the rain doesn’t drip into your tent.

The Eureka Tetragon HD 3 does come with a sort of gimmick. It comes with what is called an E! Media Center this is a clear pouch for putting a tablet into so you can watch videos. I personally don’t see why you would encourage tech use when you have a far better entertainment system around you while camping. Unless you have your tent set up at a music festival. Then I might see a reason.

There is lots of room in the Tetragon HD 3 tent made by Eureka!
Inside the Tetragon HD 3

The tent is a free standing tent with a bathtub floor. This is supposed to be so that it will be waterproof. The Tetragon HD 3’s seams are all taped up so that water doesn’t seep in as easily as it could with the seems at the bottom and with no tape.

The tent has one door and one window. The roof is mesh. So this is supposed to be a 3 season tent but with as much ventilation as there is on this tent, I think the three seasons is late spring to early fall. So yeah three seasons technically but only has a 6-month window of good use.

You also get a storage basket that you can place your goods up off the floor. Eureka! did a nice job of thinking up that little feature. I do see some benefit for those times I bring my camcorder out into the wilds to make some videos. There are also pockets that are on the side walls so that you can place your phone, meds or other items. That way they are close by.

The unneeded media center
The E! Media Center

The Tetragon HD 3 Specs

  • 3 season tent
  • Dimensions 7’wide x 7’Deep x 4′ 4″ tall
  • Tent floor area 49 Sq ft
  • frame 7.9/8.5mm fiberglass
  • 1 Door
  • 2 Windows
  • Wall fabric 63d /190T Polyester
  • Fly Fabric 63d /190T Polyester
  • Floor fabric 63d /190T Polyester
  • Mesh Fabric 40d no See-um mesh
  • Packs down to a 6.5′ x 22″
  • Fits 3 people
  • weights 6 lbs 7 oz

Set up the Tetragon HD 3

Setting up is easy. There is a corner that is colored yellow to indicate the front right corner of the Tetragon HD 3. You also use the yellow tab on the front right corner of the rain fly and line these tabs up so you have the front with the front. This is a much easier way to make sure you didn’t put the rain fly on backward.

Eureka! has an handy system so you know where the front is. Look for the yellow.
Align the yellow corners

To set up you unroll the tent. Lay it out flat. You then start at one side and connect the pole to the corner ring. Then connect the other end to the other opposite corner ring. Then doing the same so that the tent poles cross in the middle.

The Tetragon HD 3 with out the rain fly on

Each corner of the tent has clips that connect to the tent poles. This is actually quite nice because you don’t have to thread the poles through a sleeve and worrying about the collars hanging up.

At the top of the Tetragon HD 3, there is a cleat and loop to go around where the two poles cross.

From here your Tetragon HD is setup. If you want the rain fly on you just align the yellow tab on the rain fly with the yellow tab on the front right corner of the tent. You then connect the four shock cords to each of the corner loops.

Thread the rain fly poles under the rain fly and under the tent poles Then insert each end into its respective sleeve. Doing so will put just enough tension on the rain fly so that it stands out beyond the edge of the tent.

I do have a few problems with the Tetragon HD 3 and feel that this is probably same with the rest of Eureka!’s Tetragon HD series.

with out cover on the Eureka Tetragon HD 3

The first is the floor. The floor of the tent the same thickness as the walls. Yeah, they may have taped it up. Yet the floor is thin. You would figure the floor would have at least the thickness of maybe the medium duty tarp. Yet it doesn’t. It is the very same thickness as the walls along with the rain fly they are all three 63d /190T Polyester. This makes me have to worry about what I am setting my tent on? also with that thin of material, I don’t know how waterproof this material actually is.

Since the floor is so thin I will be buying a couple of blue heavy duty tarps so that I don’t wear the floor of my tent out. It will also add an extra layer of waterproofing so I don’t want up to my sleeping bag wet. I don’t care to have a hole form because I set my tetragon HD up on a pole stick or a rough pebble.

Eureka! does sell a floor saver how well that works I am not fully sure. I don’t have it so I don’t know the quality of it. Yet this does tell me that Eureka figured out that their tent needs to have a better floor and so maybe their next iteration of the Tetragon HD will be better.


Lightweight This doesn’t weigh much at all comes in at almost 6.5 pounds

Easy to set up. Takes at the most 10 minutes if you run into some problems. It only took me around 7 or 8 minutes to set up. Very easy, very quick. I attribute the ease to the pole hooks you don’t have to thread anything. you just click then on to the poles.

Take down is just as easy. unhook the poles from the corner loops and you are over half way there.


The floor material is very thin

Don’t know if it really is as waterproof as Eureka! wants to claim but I haven’t tested it out yet.

You will want to get a couple of those heavy duty blue tarps. one for the ground so you don’t wear a hole in the floor and one for emergency rain fly in case the material doesn’t hold water back.

Claims to have a 7 foot by 7-foot footprint. Yet, but my head and feet solidly touched the opposite walls, and I am 6′ 2″ tall. So something is off there.

For my first dome tent, I am not going to poo poo it. There are some problems but it isn’t anything that will keep me from going outdoors and enjoying the fun of the outdoors. SO for the price value and dollar for dollar. I like the Eureka  Tetragon HD 3 and Can’t wait to get outdoors and sleep in it.

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