the Coleman oak point Big and Tall sleeping bag for cool weather.

Coleman Oak Point Sleeping Bag Review

Coleman Oak Point Sleeping Bag













  • Room for tall guy
  • Large Zipper Doesn't snag
  • No Tie System
  • Roll Assist


  • Temp suggestions are a bit low
  • Hole at foot of bag
  • Not water resistant
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as a gneral use camping bag The Coleman Oak Point is a great bag to use

So you are looking for a sleeping bag? What type of sleeping bag are you needing? Mummy bag? Well sorry, I can help you as of right now but if you are interested in your normal straight bag. I have a nice sleeping bag that will do just the trick.

The sleeping bag I have used is called the Oak Point and it is made by Coleman. A name famous for their camping equipment. Most campers have at least one Coleman product in their gearbox. Be it their lanterns or the very popular Coleman Camp Stove. Coleman also makes tents and in the case of this review, sleeping bags too.

The Coleman Oak Point Big and Tall sleeping bag have several key points that make it a good general use sleeping bag. It weighs in at around 5 pounds so you won’t want to take along for your ultralight hiking expedition. Yet, it’s not too bulky for a weekend trip to the lake.

Big and Tall

The Coleman Oak Point Sleeping bag is a big and tall bag. Meaning that it should cover a guy who is at least 6′ 4″ tall and I can say it will cover a 6′ 2″ guy without his feet colliding at the foot of the bag. 


One big point for me is the inner lining for the Coleman Oak Point Sleeping bag has Cotten Flannel inside. This has several benefits, the biggest being that it isn’t clammy like nylon or polyester linings.

The outer shell is polyester. I honestly have no problem with that other than it could get snagged on something and have an easier time ripping. There are bags that are heavier. Often they have a more rugged Canvas style outer liner. Though I know you are also paying more for that feature or need. So for general use, the Oak Point Sleeping bag does the trick.

Roll assist

Using a hook and cleat to hold your edges together so that you can neatly roll up your Coleman Oak Point.
The Roll assist is a nice use of a loop and cleat

This is a cool feature that is not needed but good to have is the Roll assist. Yeah, I first heard this and was like WHAT? You hit a button it rolls up for you? Nope, that is not the case here. It is actually a set of Cleats and loops so that your bag will stay when you are rolling it up.

I’m sure you have had your old bags toothpaste on you as you try to roll it up. The inside starts to creep out. When you are done your sleeping bag isn’t nice and neat. It is more of a poorly constructed cinnamon roll.

That problem doesn’t happen when you use the roll assist. There are two loops and two cleats that you use to hold the bag in place after folding it in two. Getting the cleats threaded through the holes are a bit challenging the first couple of times. The loops start to loosen up after repeated use.

No Tie System

Quick and easy way to tie up your bed roll
You just loop and hook onto itself.

For a sleeping bag, the Coleman Oak Point has a pretty cool feature I wasn’t completely sold on at first. The first couple of times I played with the No Tie system it was gimmicky. I have gotten around to liking the system. It is quick and easy way to secure your roll.

The way to secure the sleeping bag after rolling it up is not with a set or elastic cords that become shot in a year or so. Nor do you have to find really large Shoe strings to hole the rolled bag in its place.

There are a loop and a string with a hook that does all the work. The hook actually hooks back on its self and binds up the cord so that it won’t slip loose. pretty neat. Now I down know how well this will work after a year or so of use but we will find out.

Cool temp bag

The Coleman oak point sleeping bag is truly for the big and tall
Red rain fly makes for some interesting colors in your tent.

The Coleman Oak point does have one small drawback. That is the temperature for the bag. Coleman claims that the bag keeps you comfortable around 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The night I tested the sleeping bag out the air dipped down to 34 degrees and got up to 45 by the time I got up for the day.

Now I know that at lower temps you have to wear your clothes also. I went to bed in shorts and a tee shirt, and no socks. I also brought out an extra blanket so in case I was to get too cold I could add another layer. In fact, I did get cold that night. I ended up putting my socks on. It was my feet that got cold. By the end of the night, I had also thrown on the blanket while staying in the shorts and a tee shirt.

I did make a discovery that side sleepers are at a bit of a disadvantage while camping. I may have to look into a Butterfly Pillow. To get my pillow to the level I like my arm stuck out of the bag and would quickly get cold enough to be uncomfortable.

So I think that some better filling for the sleeping bag would have helped and if you are looking for a bag that will keep you warm in the 65-45 degree range then the Oak Point Sleeping bag can help more. If you want to use this bag in cooler weather you will need to sleep in your clothes and maybe carry an extra blanket. 

Another point that may make a difference is that my tent is a large tent. It is meant to hold up to 7 people and it vents heat. So it isn’t a winter tent at all. Unlike the Ultimate Alaknak which has a wood burning stove to help keep you warm. I will be getting a smaller 3 person tent later on this year and so I will be able to retest this in cool weather with a smaller tent.

Small Problem

Besides the temp ratign being a little off I would say the only other problem I had is the hole by the second zipper at the foot of the bag. i know why it is there. When you fold the sleeping bag in half you need room for the extra material.

The problem I have is that the spacer hole is actually big enough that a critter like a snake. Something like that could make for some exciting morning conversations. You would think that there woudl be a way to close the hole and still be a way for the material to fold.

As a whole, I love my Coleman Oak Point sleeping bag. The inner lining is soft and does let you feel cold. Sadly the temp rating is off by about 10 degrees. The extra little features are handy and will come in to be useful. Do you have the Coleman Oak Point Big and Tall Sleeping bag? What do you think?

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  1. Looks like what I’m looking for,but the price is $63 today.Way more than the $39.99 price when you reviewed.

    1. Yeah that is a draw back of Amazon’s constantly shifting prices. You can find deals with the bag being that low.

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