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The Camping Gear You Need

Alright, April is leaving me with high hopes and an eagerness to get outdoors. That means that camping season is here. You could have gone camping a few times here in Oklahoma but with the wind, it would be a challenge. Now I have to admit I haven’t gone camping as of yet because of 1 work but also I am still getting some needed equipment. But I will be doing some backyard camping just so I am able to get used to the tents and sleeping bag and keep …

A uge list of perfect gift you can get for the woman in your life

The Massive list of 35 Gift ideas for the woman in your life

Alright, men, it is that time of year. Where we venture into places we normally won’t go. This is when we have to venture into a very mysterious world of gift buying. These gifts for your best friend. No, I am not talking about Jimmy, and you are right he would really like that belt sander. I am talking about your significant other, your Wife or Girlfriend, or your Daughter, the woman in your life. As you can see this contains items that you can buy for your adult daughter. …

Join usGet outdoors with Relaxed Male and go home with an Action Plan

Join Bryan and a small group of other men on a camping trip in Oklahoma. Get the full experience of the "3-day effect" by spending 4 days and 3 nights enjoying the outdoors and developing a plan that you can use to take massive action to change your life.