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Find Your System for Success – Ep 56

Reading Time: 4 minutes Question of the week by The Brotherhood of Men Read Bryan Goodwin‘s answer to How do you fight the voice of self-doubt inside your head whispering, “That can never be you” when I see things I really want to have or achieve? on Quora Main Topic How to find your system for Success If you have followed this blog for a while you know I am big on setting up goals but I really suck at keeping them. I have claimed more than once I am an average man but I am becoming extraordinary. The reason I say this is …

Can Positivity be Toxic? – Ep 54

Reading Time: < 1 minute Question of the week – brought to you by The Brotherhood of Men Read Bryan Goodwin‘s answer to Should the government play any role in the parent/child relationship? Are there circumstances where outside involvement/support/restrictions is/are acceptable? Who gets the final say in what happens to a child? on Quora Main Topic Toxic what? Yeah The topic this week is a little out there. According to some people you can actually be too happy. Which in my thought is a bunch of whoey. And this is for many different reasons the biggest being that you can make people feel bad for …

Men and The Problem with Porn With Michael Mcpherson – EP53

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week I have a new guest. His name is Michael Mcpherson he is a mens Coach who specializes in Male Sexuality. He helps men get over the problems of porn. we talk about why men get stuck on porn why it doesn’t serve us and the harm it creates to our sons. mod you are interested in Michael’s work you can read more in his book listen to his podcast Book: Everything You Never Learned About Sex Website: https://www.michaelmcpherson.co/ Ceremonial Chocolate Drink: https://www.flykakao.com/ Instagram – @michaeljmcpherson Share7TweetPin5ShareShare12 Shares

Pushing Through the Perfection

Reading Time: 5 minutes Does everything have to be perfect? There are some folks who would say yes to that question. They toil and fret over every minuscule detail. With the holidays just around the corner, many people are going to extreme lengths to give out the impression of perfection. They have to have their house just right. They have to have their tree just right. If the turkey doesn’t have juices squirt just the right distance it is to dry.  We push our sons to be perfect in school. Our daughters have developed eating disorders because they have a little pooch on their …