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The People You Hang With

There are influencers. These are people who you look to then there are the INFLUENCERS these are the people who help direct your life. So many times we wonder why our life’s don’t go the direction we wanted them to go. I often ask the question of who are your influencers? They may say some well know name like Tony Robbins, or Wayne Dyer. Then I see their friends. These folks are often pessimistic or …

Your Emotions, are because of Your Thoughts

Of all emotions, you could experience. What would be the one emotion that is the best of them all? If you could choose just one emotion and that was what you could ever feel for the rest of your life. What would that one emotion be? Happiness? Ecstasy? Joy? All of those emotions are great to feel. Yet there is one emotion, I believe trumps them all. In fact, when you feel this particular emotion …

Men, Anxiety Is In Your Control

You can look around online and you will see what is often called the biggest threat to people of all time. ANXIETY! The word itself can give you anxiety. There are hundreds of Facebook groups all about anxiety.  Twitter chats galore. Then there are videos upon videos about how to curb this supposed plague of anxiety. Anxiety and depression have become a problem. Maybe not for the reasons some folks like to think but they …

Stress Dreams Are Good?

Dreams and anxiety, two pieces of the mind joining together while we are asleep. Many times we have nice dreams while at other times you have stress dreams. You arrived at school with no clothes on or the classic Waiter dream where you cant get to all the tables. There is a study that sites that stress dreams are actually good for you because it is a dry run on the worst case scenario. So …

4 Self Coaching Tools for MenStart changing your mindset.

We have worry and concerns. Then pile on the anxiety and fear that you have made the wrong choice in our life. What are you supposed to do?

Maybe you have fear of money or the lack of money. Perhaps you want more out of life. You want to achieve goals you have always wanted to pursue. You may even realize that you are not where you want to be and your attitude is in a way that you don't even recognize yourself anymore.

Here are 4 tools that will help you change your mindset and get you on the path you so rightfully need to be on.