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3 Campfire Stories

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One thing that is almost tradition for a campfire is talking. Sharing tall tales and adventures. Maybe those stories are adventures or funny anecdotes that you had. or you remember sitting but the fire trying to figure out why the smoke is following you. All while you listened to majestic tales of crazy adventures your uncle had when he was younger.

The sharing of these stories slowly dwindle down to the fun ghost story. We all have our favorite. Depending on where you are from the hair-raising tale may be told in a different way but there seems to be a stock of old reliables. So for this week, I thought I would share with you 3 stories you can tell around the campfire

The Golden Arm

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This is a true classic. In prepping and finding out if I remember the story correctly I found out that Mark Twain use to love telling this story. Mark accredits it to an old SLave story. Yet, there are also points of it showing that there was a variation of it in Germany and even in Texas there is the Golden Toe version. Whatever version you tell this is a classic jumpscare story. Usually, if you yell the last line and grab the person next to you. You typically have a scattering of rugrats heading for their tents or prospective parents and all laughing. The story basically goes like this:

A man married a woman who had a fake arm made of solid gold. Though he loved her and showed that he loved her. The man coveted that golden arm the most.

Sadly one day the wife died in a terrible accendent. The man putting on his best face showed everyone that he was truely distraught withhis wifes passing. Yet, secretly in his heart he was over joyed with the oppertunity to take her golden arm.

That night after the funeral the man snuck into the cemetary and dug up his dececed wife. Opened the casket and took her golden arm. Estatic that he now had that hunk of gold he imagined all the places he could go. and things he could buy.

Once back home he tucked the arm under his pillow and went to sleep. He was only snoozing for a short time when he heard

In a Spooky voice “Where’s my golden arm?” but the voice was distant.

Then he heard it again and it was closer. “Wheres my golden arm?”

The old man sat up starting to get a little nervous.

After what seemed like hours passed he started to relax again thinking that the spector had tired out and dissappeared. As his head was startign to nod he saw the ghost of his dead wife pass across the foot of his bed

moaning Where’s my golden arm?” as she passed through the wall to the next room.

The question repeated agian Where’s my golden arm?” When she appeared be side his bed. The man looked at the ghost and said “I dont know”

That is when she screetched

“You have it!”

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The Ribbon

This one was always good for a good eww factor that would just kind of unnerve you a little.

A man marries his beloved: a beautiful young woman who was always wearing a black, velvet ribbon around her neck. On their wedding night, he asks why she never takes the ribbon off.

“If I do, you’ll be sorry,” she says, and goes to sleep.

Each night he asks his dear bride why she never takes that ribbon off, but she always replys the same “If I do, you’ll be sorry”.

He begins to go mad with curiosity. Finally, one night, while she’s sleeping, he steals the scissors from her sewing box and cuts through the ribbon himself.

The black ribbon falls away… and her head rolls right off her neck and falls to the floor with a sickening thud.

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Got you where I want you; now I’m gonna eat you

This is a fun story more than a scary tale through the build-up of tension is part of the joke. This is a story the kids would basically tell.

One day a little girl came home to an empty house. As she walked in and started to make a snack she heard, “I got ya where I want ya, Now Im gonna eat ya!”

Obviously she a bit nervouse. No one was home and she couldn’t tell where the noise came from. After a short while she didn’t hear anything else and so she finihed making her snack and went to do her homework again she heard “I got ya where I want ya, Now Im gonna eat ya!”

The voice was louder now, and definatly in the house. So she slid out of her chair and looked in the kitchen. Nothing in the cabinetts. Nothing under the sink.

She could find anything. THen heard “I got ya where I want ya, Now Im gonna eat ya!”

She was starting to get scared. The young girl went to the living room and nothing behind the couch. Nor was there anything under dads Reclyner. She then heard it again!”I got ya where I want ya, Now Im gonna eat ya!” It is coming from the back of the house. She was terrified but curiosity was stronger she wanted to know what was goign to eat her.

She went to her room and thing there either but still she was hearing “I got ya where I want ya, Now Im gonna eat ya!” She finally was able to pin it downit was coming from the hall closet. As her trembling hand grasped the door knob she quickly turned it and flung open the door!

There she saw the most horrible sight she could imagine! Her brother had a huge booger on his finger and said, “I got ya where I want ya, Now Im gonna eat ya!”

While looking around for other stories that I hadn’t heard of I came across an amazing resource called the Ultimate Camp Resource. Definitely, check them out and there is more than just ghost stories it has all sorts of great information for you.

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So what is your favorite campfire story? Was it a scary story or a funny event that actually happened? Share with us in the comments below.

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