Congrats on signing up for Relaxed Males Camp and Coach event.

What Now?

If you have never been camping before or you are lacking camping supplies You can start purchasing.


Meals will be provided but if you want other snacking food You can bring what you want this goes for other drinks too.

Alcohol and other drinks

You can bring your own Booze or Beer if you like again I won’t be providing any alcoholic drinks. That is because everybody’s tastes vary so much that it is better if you bring your own. I will be providing plenty of drinking water for your hydration bladders and cooking.

Do I need a tent?

I will be bringing enough tent for 11 guys but if you want your own space then you are more than welcome to bring your own tents in.

Also if you want to bring other camping gear please be my guest.


If you don’t want to sit on the ground then I would definitely bring a camping chair with you. I may have a few chairs but not sure I will be able to provide enough for everybody.

So Grandpa What’s For Supper?

Lunch will be sandwiches and such, but the night meal for the mastermind sessions will be as follows

Hamburgers and hotdogs

Grilled Salmon

Steak and a baked potatoes

Join usGet outdoors with Relaxed Male and go home with an Action Plan

Join Bryan and a small group of other men on a camping trip in Oklahoma. Get the full experience of the "3-day effect" by spending 4 days and 3 nights enjoying the outdoors and developing a plan that you can use to take massive action to change your life.