Society wants so much of you. You have your family and other requirements that hold your attention. Yet you have this sense that you are missing something. You are told you have it all. You have the kids who are in 3 different activities and you just were promoted to a senior management position in the company that you been in for the past 8 years. You have what everyone seems to be clamoring for yet something is missing. You have talked to your religious leader and they may not be providing much guidance.

Your son is struggling in junior high you see him changing into a darker version of the goofy fun kid you remember. You sense that your connection with him is slipping and the rare times that he does do more than grunt at you, he talks about how he was excoriated for stating that boys are boys and girls are girls, and he has to go to some type of sensitivity training after school for the next couple of weeks. How do you address that problem? He says boys can’t be boys yet that is what you thought you were raising was a good well-mannered boy to become a man yet that is not allowed to happen in his school.

There is more pressure mounting because the relationship with your spouse is off. The intimacy is down you really can’t say anything without it erupting into an argument. Then at bedtime, she has already hit the hay and she has her back turned to you. Do you leave it till tomorrow or do you try to wake her? Do you make sure you get everything aired out before you go to bed? You always made sure to not go to bed angry before yet here you are. The communication is going away, and you are starting to turn to porn because it’s been over 2 months since you two have been together

Maybe you are hating your job. You became an accountant because your dad was one and he always talked about you taking over the firm when he retired. So you went to school for accounting. You are a certified CPA and every Sunday your stomach cramps up because you now you are going to have a little more of your soul sucked out of you till eventually, you die. You think back to when you were a young man and you had the whole world at your feet. You remember you found so much happiness when you had your old Pentax K100 and you were shooting street photography. Maybe you still have that camera but the creative urge has been ground out of you.

How can you find the drive you use to have? Are you able to be the manly man your wife remember you were before kids and a career? How can you even be happy again? What are your choices? There are so many chains that are holding you out of reach of the joy you desire. What do you do?

You could stay the course. That means that with the stresses that are happening in your life cause a continuous flow of cortisol streaming through your system. This will start adding a bit of a stomach and then it could spread to your butt. This could lead to you getting diabetes or worse. Maybe you turn to alcohol or perhaps you have already started drinking a bit more. It does a good job of diluting the stress and emotions that are running rampant through your head.

Your son that you have may develop problems and he won’t feel comfortable turning to you for the help he so desperately needs so that he knows you have his back when he protects someone from a bully. Perhaps he decides to start harming himself would you see those warning signs? I know I didn’t.

Maybe you have a bedroom divorce, you end up having a roommate instead of a wife. You only come together to do the bills and that is never pleasant. All channels of communication breakdown and before you know it you are being introduced to your ex-wife’s boyfriend. You are relegated to seeing the kids on weekends and every other holiday.

I was a lot of ways in that same boat. I could feel my relationship with my kids slipping they were turning to people with questionable morals for answers because I was never home. I wasn’t just a 9-5er I was always gone because I drove a truck.

I and my wife’s relationship had taken a back burner. She has some physical problems but her sex drive took off to another state and forgot her. Which left me frustrated because the bed was for sleeping only we would go as much as 6 months without any action. This left me frustrated and even resentful about how my life had turned out. Then add Social media and I was seeing old high school classmates who were having what appeared to me as having the time of their life. What was I missing? The answer is, me.

Yeah, it was easy to point to other factors and point the blame to them but in all reality, it was me I had to get myself fixed. That started my journey of figuring out where the goofball teen with a positive mindset ran off too. It took me several years of looking for where I had gone wrong, I then found it with the help of some people who were smarter than me. That confident young man was still around, he was just shoved into the back corner of my mind. I had other things that were supposed to be more important.

3-day effect

On this journey of rediscovery, I found out that the outdoors have an amazing key that opens many doors, especially when it comes to what is called the 3-day effect. The 3-day effect was first noticed by David Strayer. He is a Cognitive Psychologist from the University of Utah. He is known for taking men and women who often suffer from PTSD and taking them on a 4-day adventure rafting hiking and just getting out into nature. He noticed that our lives are full of notifications and keeping our heads on a swivel. Yet when you are out in nature your brain starts to relax and actually slow down. Now because your brain likes information the freeing up of bandwidth that your phone won’t be able to provide allows for your brain to think of other thoughts and you start to notice details and thoughts you didn’t realize was possible. That is the power I want to use to help you.

What if

What if you could get away and spend 3 nights out in Western Oklahoma away from all the normal distractions that you normally face? Perhaps you could start to see opportunities that can help you see where you lost your creativity. Maybe, just maybe you could find a group of men who are all are on the same journey as you are.  These men could be set to help you as they looking for help you could possibly provide. Then through the day, you could also have a couch help devise a plan that could help you reconnect with your wife. Find a common thread for your son to reopen up to you. You could even find out that that savvy street photographer is still around and has been hoping to get out and shoot some more.

I’m not saying that we can fix everything but you will come to relax and leave with a new idea of who you are.


I am having a camping and Coaching event over in the Croatin Creek Wildlife Observation area. While here we will have 4 days and 3 full nights of Camping. There will be coaching during the day and a mastermind group in the evening.

Who is it for?

This event is for men who are feeling like something is missing from their lives. Their relationship with the wife could be slipping, or you are just wanting to know how to be a better leader for your family and community when coming home.

What is going to happen?

Each day there will be coaching sessions and after evening supper we will have a mastermind meeting that will harness each person’s area of knowledge.  In between, there is time for men to connect with each other.

When Is it going to be?

4 Day Weekend Event!

Day 1 – Thursday, May, 7th, 2020
Day 2 – Friday, May, 8th, 2020
Day 3 – Saturday, May, 9th, 2020
Day 4 – Sunday, May 10th, 2020

Where is it going to be at?

The Camp and Coaching event will be out in the Croaton Creek Wildlife Observation area outside of Cheyenne, OK.

From unique camping locations to being a hunters paradise Oklahoma has something for every outdoorsman. Especially when you can camp in an open area.

How Can You Join?

If you are a man who wants to transform his life and his mindset, or you want to find that ambitious young man you remember from your youth you can find him. All you have to do is sign up for the event.

I want you to be able to reset your mind. Shift your mindset, and realize your path is still wide open.

-Bryan Goodwin

There is even more…

The Relaxed Male Camp and Coach isn’t just a one and done event!

Most events have you showing up not knowing hardly anybody, not The Camp and Coach

You will have more trust in the other guys you are going to be camping with if you at least have an idea as to who you are going to be spending the weekend with.

There will be time for alone reflection but you will be helping each other for the 4 days.

The Camp and Coach is a gathering

And this gathering needs you

Rocks Fire Flame People Bench Men Wooden Camping

Sign up fast there are only 12 spaces available. Get the best price now in March the price is going up, so don’t miss out. Your life deserves to be on the right track. You as you are thinking this over you know there is something missing and this could very well be the key for a life-changing journey. So join us the worst that happens is that you change your path. The best possibility is you change the path you are on and leave with some new friends. So Join Us on May 7th.

Once you reserve your seat you will be invited to the facebook group where everybody can learn about you and you can learn about the other men.

You will be ready for 4 days and 3 nights of growing and understanding yourself more than you ever thought possible.

I want to make sure you are already making massive action before you even get to the campsite.

This is a LIMITED SEATING event.

Thousands of people from all over the world will be competing for these limited seats.

The attendees will…

  • Become the first of a growing group of Camp and coach alumni
  • Learn how to overcome the fear of the unknown, otherwise known as Anxiety
  • Develop a plan for what they want to accomplish
  • Create, plan, develop and execute a set of goals.
  • Come to understand what MASSIVE ACTION really means
  • Access to an exclusive facebook group
  • Continuing Surprises and Bonuses

This event will sell out!

Don’t wait. It’s time to make a decision.

Are you going to keep doing more of the same, or take action and do something to change your future?

Click the button below and get your ticket before they sell out!

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Maybe you have fear of money or the lack of money. Perhaps you want more out of life. You want to achieve goals you have always wanted to pursue. You may even realize that you are not where you want to be and your attitude is in a way that you don't even recognize yourself anymore. 

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