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The Five Best TV Dads

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Lots of people like to use the Television as the babysitter. There was a time that television even told stories. Those stories often had a dad or father figure in the series. These men would often at some point of the show add guidance and direction to the family members. Dads on television were often a reflection of how society viewed men and fathers in general.

Here is a list of 5 dads that showed the world how to be a dad. These men showed devotion to their families. While one of their most common qualities was patients. When even Job would let a cuss word slip these men often kept their cool. These men would often let life and the experiences be the teacher while being there for support.

James “Jim” Anderson Sr – Father Knows Best


When it comes to dads Jim Anderson is one of the first fatherly figures that always pops into my mind. Each episode of Father Knows Best had a particular problem that would result in Jim helping find a solution to the problem at hand. Often using himself as an example of the solution to be found.

Mr. Anderson’s demeanor was one of the patents with the occasional wisecrack about what was happening in the house. He also was fairly good at redirecting Kathy’s mischief so that it didn’t do too much damage to buds self-esteem.

As a whole now I know that this isn’t how life in the  50’s actually was but it was and still is your typical family. The show itself did have a moral to each story, and many different elements that people could relate to. It showed that though Father may know best he also used the resources closest to him most often his strong wife Margaret.

Andy Taylor – Andy Griffith show

AndyGriffithWhen it comes to fathers you know you have a winner when you become the dad for the whole town. That is essentially what Andy Taylor did. Andy is a single father raising up his son Opie with the help of Aunt Bea. He loved to spend time with Opie and go to the local fishing hole.

Andy rarely made mistakes but when he did he would he would admit it. He would often let life be the teacher because it is often the best teacher. Andy also was lived as an example and helped all the folks in town. Whether it is Gomer and Goober at the Filling Station, Floyd at the Barbour shop, or Barnie and his keeping his one bullet in his shirt pocket. Andy is able to gently direct everyone out of harm’s way with grace a grin.

I wanted so badly to have the patience of Andy. To be able to have the foresight of what was happening. To have a dad or be a dad like Andy would allow for so much learning. We all can strive to be Andy Taylor

Ward Cleaver – Leave it to Beaver

Cleaver_family_Leave_it_to_Beaver_1960When people think of family life, the majority will think of Leave it to Beaver. With June And Ward at the helm of the family of two boys. Ward was a guide for his sons. Though when the need be. He was known to deal the devastating punishment of being sent to the room from time to time and even had corporal punishment being mentioned from time to time.

Yet Ward was fair and would explain to his sons the reason for X. While at the same time having to deal with the natural curiosity that drives most boys into trouble as when Beaver found himself in a giant bowl of soup. It seems as if Ward took the natural elements of an embarrassing moment in stride. Knowing that kids will do dumb stuff but also that the experiences were as good of a punishment as what he could dish out.

James Evens – Good Times

Good_times_john_amos_esther_rolle_1974Living life in the ‘burbs was one thing. A whole other experience happened when you lived in the projects of Cabrini Green. That is what you have in the Television show Good Times.

James Evens was a tough no-nonsense father. Even if his oldest son was a doofus, Mr. Evens did was what was needed to protect his family in the rough world of Chicago. James was a hard-headed father. Yet he would let his kids learn a tough lesson. He often had conflicts with Junior but you could see that the arguments were made out of fierce love he had for his family.

The neighborhood he was in was grittier than Mayberry could ever be and but he devotion and love to his wife and kids were just as great.

Dan Connors – Roseanne

Here is what was often considered one cool dad. He knew how to be goofy and loved practical jokes. While also loving and caring for his family. Dan shows that fathers can be passionate and even have their limits. His family of Rosanne, DJ, Darlene, and Becky were all important to Dan. Without them, he was just a man. When you thought of the ideal middle-class working man Dan Conners comes to mind.

He would lovingly poke fun while taking what was given back. His ability to hold the family together through thick and thin is what made Dan one of my favorite fathers of the Television. Dan had standards that every common American could understand at the time. And would have no problem defending his family anytime Roseanne said it was OK and then there were times he didn’t have to ask permission. Roseanne and Dan were a team. Though at the end it got a lot weird the Dan we all knew and loved was a solid rock for the family.

Are is there a dad you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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