Thhere are 5 different ways a guy can shave his beard stubble

5 Types of Razors For Your Face

As I had mentioned before shaving is a ritual all men do from time to time. So what type of shave do you partake in? There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. The same goes with shaving.

Each of the different types of razors has a purpose. Each razor can be used in any scenario but some are better suited for those who are running behind than others.

Disposable razor

Gillette razor 5 Types of Razors For Your FaceDisposable razors are just that, use it and then toss it away. These razors often either have a single blade or a twin blade system. THese mass produced razors usually have a fixed head and the body is very lightweight. The blades are often a lower standard than say cartridge blades. The feeling is often equated to running old tin across your cheek.

Just because this isn’t my favorite razor doesn’t mean that doesn’t have any uses. I always have a couple of new disposables handy for times that I am in a place that I cannot properly shave. so, I will use water shaving cream and a disposable to get the job done.

There are a few advantages to using these blades. The biggest is the price. These are inexpensive to acquire. I can often find a 12 pack of disposables for around the $2 range. If you want a pivoting head or other options then they normally go up to about $10. Spending a Hamilton is still cheaper than other options.

College kids often use disposables for the price and can often hack it because their faces are tougher and more resilient than an old man who is tired of razor burn, or hates looking like you use the Bobcat shaving system.

Because of the price you don’t have to worry so much about losing one. While, if you lost a $150.00 straight razor you may have good reason to panic.

The design though does have a drawback in that it is so light that it is easy to over apply the pressure to the razors head. Doing this can result in more razor burn and skin irritation.




handy to have around


Cheap razor blade

More Prone to razor burn

Cartridge Razor

cartridgeRazor 5 Types of Razors For Your FaceThis is the most versatile of the razors around. You can use this for all the different shaving styles you want to use. The Cartage razor can pretty much do it. The blades are of varying quality but on the whole by far better than a disposable blade.

This type of blade can last for many shaves. but this can be used to the point that it really isn’t of use anymore. When pressed I can make a blade last a whole month my face doesn’t enjoy it but it is possible. So the blades are durable.

The biggest problem people have with Cartridge razors is the price. Yeah, they last longer but when a pack of 4 costs $30 dollars I have to make these guys last as long as possible. Many times it is actually cheaper to buy a whole new razor set up. Where you buy a 4 pack of razors the handle for around $ 20. So I have thrown many a handle away because it was cheaper to buy a new setup than new cartridge of blades.


Very diverse




Electric Razor

%name 5 Types of Razors For Your FaceWhat happens if you are late? You run like a madman around the house throwing clothes on so you can get down the road to work or what other appointment is needed to be attended to. Electric razors are an incredible solution when trying to do 2 things at once. You can shave and dress at the same time. While shaving with any other razor requires rinsing, this is the best alternative for the running late multitasker.

It is also perfect for older men who are not able to shave their face anymore. Though they are not able to shave doesn’t mean that our elders want to sit unshaven. The electric razor may not get the closest shave possible but it handy they are both corded or Cordless. Electric razors often come with a built-in trimmer that allows for beard and sideburn sculpting.







Have to charge it

Doesn’t shave as close.

Safty Razor

4628275080 9c6baf3d67 b 5 Types of Razors For Your Face

If you are wanting a great shave and a classic feel then look to Ol’ Reliable. The feel of a new blade running across your face. Along with the sound of the blade cutting each whisker helps center me at the end of a long day.

It is also like the razor rewards you for slowing down. Taking your time to get a shave awards your face coming out smoother. If you rush you will still have a good shave but you will keep finding places that you have missed. This particular razor even pulls you back in time because it works better for me to use shaving soap and a badger brush.

Maybe its nostalgia that is at work here. I remember that my dad had a safety razor when I was around 4 or so. The reason I remember it is that I cut my finger with a double-edged blade. Yet, the fact that he had one is what is special to me.


Very close shave



Time consuming

Getting started can be a little pricier

Straight Razor

No name straight razor 5 Types of Razors For Your FaceIf you want the best and closest shave then you have to go back to the shaving system that has been used for over 1000 years. Though the look and feel of today’s razors have been around for a couple of centuries. The art of shaving has also been perfected that long.

I have yet to learn how to use the ultimate in shaving razors but I to go to the tradesman who has the most experience with using these beautiful razors. I go to my local barber. the results I get from his razor skills are simply amazing.

This razor has the steepest learning curve. I have yet to take the time to learn how to properly learn how to use this implement that is also called a throat cutter. I know it takes patience and time. and I will be using one sometime soon.

They are also the most expensive to get set up with. There is not only the razor that can be well over $100 but good ones normally start around the $50 mark. That is because of the level of the craftsmanship ad n quality of the steel. If you use low quality steel you can’t get an edge fine enough to really do any good. Especially on the coarse hair on a mans face the finer the metal the finer the edge. That means the better shave.

You also want to buy a razor that has a lifetime edge rehoning. because the edge will give out and you will need to either know how to rehone your blade or have a service that will reapply a razor’s edge.

THen after you have the razor there is the strop and the shaving kit. All of that can become very expensive. but when done properly the cost is worth the shave.


The best there is.

Best Shave

Best razor for the money



You can get a bad blade and it will ruin the experience

learning curve

So there you go the different types of razors you can use on your face. There are other shaving systems out there like some guys actually use Nair like substance. To run the chance of getting chemical burns on your face is not worth doing a little nick. I would rather run an extremely sharp piece of metal across my throat than use harsh chemicals like that.

So what type of razor do you use? why do you use it?over the others? Leave your answer in the comments section below.



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