Three reasons why a small town is good

3 Points You May Not Know About Country Life

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Still talking about living out in the country and the different activities about living in a small town or out in the country. I believe a small town is actually good in many aspects. Yeah we have our drawbacks. Nosey neighbors and a very active rumor mill. Yet those few negatives are vastly out weighed by the positive.

So for my link collection this Friday I wanted to share why small towns out in the country are great. Many of the reasons are also outside or at least out of the house.

Happier people

The Washington Post writer Christopher Ingraham wrote a piece about a study that shows people who live in small towns are actually happier than people who live in large cities. Now there are a lot of reasons as to why people out in the country are happier.

What the the data showed is that people that are more spread out, don’t have to commute very far to work and buy houses that are affordable. So that makes sense to me. Most misery is from debt. The saying The Debtor is slave to the lender is quite accurate. For instance if you are house poor you typically have a house payment that is more that 25% of your monthly net income.

One thing they don’t talk about and so I am just speculating here, but I wonder how if there is a correlation to people being in direct contact with the earth. Yeah I am going woo-woo again but it do believe that is why people who farm and garden are happier. These people are in touch with dirt and the earth. There is a saying for this the modern word is Earthing. Basically it means just grounding yourself. Maybe there is something there

Small town people are also more religious. Maybe it is peer pressure to go or maybe it is the baptist potluck dinners that draw you to a congregation. I largely think it is because people are talking to each other. There is communication and the sharing of your life with the other people. That sharing is whats important. Because the people in a small town are more likely to feel like they are a part of the community.

So if you need a boost in your smile gage then you might look at where you are living. Find a smaller town and see if your attitude changes.

Festivals Galore

IF there is anybody who knows how to party it is small town folks. Most small towns have 2 or 3 festivals they will attend. Yet each town has one celebration the is all theirs. One is usually the county fair, which if you have never been, go. It is an experience you will never forget. You will find some of the most delicious comfort food on the planet. Look at the Texas State Fair they have fried everything even fried beer. Yummy!

My hometown has Funday. There is a parade with the marching band. The football players are displayed in gladiatorial fashion. Then there is a huge barbeque, and vender booths. The kids play their own form of water polo using the firetrucks. It is glorious.

We use to have Homecoming parades. Most small towns celebrate Homecoming in a huge and glorious fashion. In Texas girls wear mums that will give them back troubles 20 years and the guys wear garters that match.

Oh small town Hooten Nannies. They are fun and more than one story comes from them.

40 Other Things Done in a Small town.

The last link i wanted to share is done by Lauren Perry. She either just moved to a small town or never left her small town. Those are the only times people have a sort of negative view on small-town life though i would have to say she nails much of it. with her post 40 things to in a small town

For instance driving around. Yeah, in Sunray we have what is called The Drag. This was from the triangle up to the Coop parking lot. Then when you saw a friend parked at the grocery store parking lot you would stop and hang out with them for a while. That is till an out of town girl drove by then people would in a non-creepy way follower up and down main st will she stopped and we would all chat her up till we found out she was so and so’s cousin and she was here visiting.

Sunray was too small for a movie theater but we would often go to Dumas and hang out. So yeah heading out of town is a big thing to do and will garner some discussion.

Lauren also talks about everybody’s favorite hobby when you are in a small town. That pastime is going to Walmart. you find your friends and family wondering the aisles. there have been many an impromptu family reunion in the dairy section.

She also talks about camping and going to the lake these are very common pastimes along with going to the river to go four wheeling or if it has rained then in Oklahoma it is popular to go muddin’.

She does have it right at the end. Love it or hate it. you do have a sense of peace and security when you live in a small town.

So there are lots and lots of things to do when you live in a small town. So whether you think it is the center of the boredom universe or you think the small town life is “all right”. It is easy to drum u a little excitement by giving the neighbors something to talk about. So have fun and a great week. If you are going outdoors share your experiences in our facebook group.


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