Your Feelings

This weeks video is by one of the best life coaches around, Brooke Castillo.

She is talking about that most people actually don’t like to experience their emotions. Instead of feeling an emotion they resist that feeling and so they end up feeling that resistance.

When you resist negative emotions you also by the same account resisting positive emotions.

When you deny yourself the ability to feel those emotions manifest themselves in other ways. Which cause us to dodge those emotions even more. This causes over-eating, alcoholism, anxiety, and Overworking.

Brooke also talks about how we often need to be reintroduced into your emotions. Often we feel like we can’t actually handle our emotions. We are afraid that we will be lost in this pit of despair, or that we will get caught up in a fit of rage and we will hulk out and never return to normal. Often we fear that emotions will change us forever and we will not be the same. when in reality we will experience an emotion, then it will go about its merry way leaving you often better than before.

Emotions are nothing more than a vibration created by your thoughts.

How you handle an emotion is you name that emotion. You then talk about what thought created that emotion. From there you are able to realize that you can easily change your emotion by changing your thought.

Emotions are thoughts that are vibrations that travel from our brain through our body and a sensation is a feeling that is started in our body and goes to our brain.

You can also go to The Life Coach School and get a transcript of her video

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