Thhe words you use in your mental conversations and discussions will manifest itself in real life.

Words Influance your Relationships

What you say to yourself has a profound effect on how you act. The words you use and tell yourself are far more powerful than what you would like to think. If you are lacking self-confidence, you might look at what story you are telling yourself. Are you often making the statement to yourself that sounds like, “Man, you are stupid? No wonder nobody takes you seriously.” That lie will keep you from achieving everything unless you change your words. Question why you say the words you say to yourself.

Leaders Basement injects a good concept that I find myself doing all the time. I have mental arguments all the time whether it is with my wife or my boss or the guy who just cut me off. These mental arguments we have are also us telling ourselves a lie and worse it affects the relationship we have with that person. You think your boss is uncaring? Pay attention to the mental fights you have with your boss. now make a change as to how your boss is treating you. Keep on top of those mental discussions. Then notice the attitude you have towards your boss. It will start to get better as we start to correct that wrong mindset.

This can also work with the relationship with your wife. Maybe you have mental fights about money. Start having mental conversations and discussions about finances and watch your attitude change. The stories we tell ourselves affect more than what we want to admit. Because of that, we don’t get to live life fully and with the intention we desire. So make that change and see people in the light you would like to see them in.

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