Why Walk Around Barefoot

Ok this week I am getting a little out there in the outdoors area. I have always noticed a big difference between my younger self and the modern self. Often I attributed that difference with my grumpiness and cranky disposition to just getting older. I heard that when you turn 40 your testosterone drops and that makes a guy cranky and grumbly.

Yet I remember back to when I was young I ran around barefoot a lot of times. Then as I got older I started wearing shoes more often to the point that now I hardly ever take off my shoes. My day job requires me to wear big heavy steel toed boots.

This got me to thinking some of what little knowledge I know, mixed with some philosophical thoughts and just what “feels right” I started trying to take my shoes off when I can and just let my feet touch the earth. Sometimes, when I can, I will sit and just dig in the dirt for a bit. I will let sift the dirt through my fingers.

After looking around for a bit I found out that there is a thing called grounding or often called Earthing. The theory behind it is that since we are made up of bioelectricity that we need to be grounded. Often our rubber soled shoes insulate us from the ground. This may keep us from being as healthy as possible.

Some claims are that it helps your posture, also helps balance your mood, and that you perform a sort of natural Reflexology on you as you are strolling around. Which might explain why there are times it hurts like all get out when I walk barefooted.

Is this fully for real? I really don’t know but it is sort of compelling and makes a little bit of sense in my weird mind. So who knows why not go to the park and take your shoes off and walk around for an hour or so for about a week and see how you feel afterward.


  1. I love walking barefoot but it completely depends on the location. Lol

    1. Agreed. The sticker patch is not a good place to tromp around without shoes but it will toughen your feet!

  2. I always do this! Good for your soul!

  3. I love being barefoot! Living in Florida affords you nearly 10 months of flip flop weather and I slip out of those frequently. Beach sand, soft grass, cool tile, all wonderful pleasures for the feet.
    This reminds me of Die Hard when Bruce Willis’ cure for jet lag was squishing his toes in the carpet. Lol

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