smiling it improves your face value

Why do We Smile?

img 1321 237x300 Why do We Smile?There is a lot of thoughts on why we smile. The benefits have been looked at and studied but scientist and the curious for years. People find smiling faces to be more welcoming and pleasant than just a hello.

We can hear smiles in a person’s voice. It is a social indicator where we are accepted into a group.

Smiling even changes the chemical composition of the brain. So when someone says you just need to smile more to get out of a funk. You cant feel miserable when you are smiling.

There are many quotes covering the power of a good smile.

From Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias, “Smile it increases your face value”

to “Smile, it’s free therapy.” Douglas Horton

So this weeks video is about smiling and why it is good. It is so good that it is a superpower according to Ron Gutman. Listen to him as he shows how all people have a superpower called Smiling.

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