sleep for your betterment

A Good Nap for Your Betterment

Ah, ever wake up for a nice little nap? Be it a 30-minute power nap on a Wednesday or a nice long 2-hour nap on a Saturday afternoon. The feeling after taking a nap is one of refreshment. Especially those ones when you wake up and you have a bit of Sheet face for the next hour. Oh, naps. Yeah, you may hate them as a child but many hit about 30 and it is a glorious time.

Sadly some people look down on napping. They don’t realize all of the health benefits you receive from taking even a 30-minute nap. The US Army has found that a short power nap affects person alertness days after taking a power nap.

We often make fun of Mexico for the siesta’ but they are not the only country that has embraced the joys of a nap. Greece, the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Nigeria all enjoy taking a mid-afternoon snooze, or if you’re from Italy it is a Riposo.

So for those scoffers who think it is productive to work all day long. Maybe this will cause you to slow up and enjoy a short break. It isn’t being lazy if it actually helps you become more productive? On top of that, it helps you live longer. So you are working towards world domination you will want to be able to live to a ripe old age.

So here you go, some eye-opening facts about why napping is good for you.



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