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Review: Coleman Trailhead II Cot

OK, this review is for those who are not that into sleeping on the cold hard ground. Well, more specifically those who sleep on the hard ground. Don’t matter so much if it is cold or not. That ground can wreak havoc on a person’s shoulders back and hips if they are older than 30. Therefore this months review is a godsend. May the inventor of the camping cot be sainted. I found something that …

the Coleman oak point Big and Tall sleeping bag for cool weather.

Coleman Oak Point Sleeping Bag Review

So you are looking for a sleeping bag? What type of sleeping bag are you needing? Mummy bag? Well sorry, I can help you as of right now but if you are interested in your normal straight bag. I have a nice sleeping bag that will do just the trick. The sleeping bag I have used is called the Oak Point and it is made by Coleman. A name famous for their camping equipment. Most …