A uge list of perfect gift you can get for the woman in your life

The Massive list of 35 Gift ideas for the woman in your life

Alright, men, it is that time of year. Where we venture into places we normally won’t go. This is when we have to venture into a very mysterious world of gift buying. These gifts for your best friend. No, I am not talking about Jimmy, and you are right he would really like that belt sander. I am talking about your significant other, your Wife or Girlfriend, or your Daughter, the woman in your life.

As you can see this contains items that you can buy for your adult daughter. So Young men there will not be any sexy underwear being mentioned in this post. For women reading this if your guys buy you a bra that is too big or panties that are too small, that’s not my fault. That is something the young bucks just have to learn on their own.

This post is for guys who wonder what to get for their significant other but just not getting the hints though you have looked through her Amazon wish list. Her girlfriend as mentioned she wants that iPad 4 different times and she keeps saying hey this is really cool as she drags you through Bed Bath and Beyond. So, doing my civic duty for all the men in the world, here is a list of several great gifts you can buy your wife or even your grown daughter.

Tea strainer cup

Men, women love tea. Well, most do, well mine does. I in fact like a hot cup of tea from time to time but nothing like what many women so. That is probably one of the reasons women live longer than men is because they enjoy the health benefits of a good Earl Grey or soothing mug of Oolong. There are more types of tea out in the world than you would even imagine. Besides for the Construction tea that we Americans are used to buying, there is the whole world of loose leaf teas. With these teas, you need a strainer. Cause who likes to chew their tea right?

When you are messing with loose leaf tea there are several different types of Tea strainers you can use like these.

You can really add some fun and whimsy to the tea drinking experience. Maybe you are able to find a tea strainer that really fits your womans personality. But all that makes for more stuff you have to clean so why not combine both the strainer and the teacup? It makes everything so easy and convenient.

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Herb chopping board with blade on board

Now I understand that there are women who don’t cook but those who do often love to cook. So if you have someone who likes to spend time in the kitchen and loves to use fresh herbs then this gift is perfect. It is a wooden chopping block but it also has a hidden blade so that chopping up that sweet thyme and basil has become so much easier and safer to use because of the concave shape of the board fits the shape of the blade.

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Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

If your lady of the house is like mine, she really shines when she is playing hostess. She can display her personality in fun and inventive ways. One of the ways she does this is through the different hors-d’oeuvres she places out for the guests. The details she places here are things I would never think of. For instance the toothpick holder. That is where this little stocking stuffer can come into play. If your wife or girlfriend likes to host parties then look at small detail party supplies like this hedgehog serving dish. Or maybe a salsa serving bowl. Look at these little details and you just may find that perfect piece for her party set.

She will live this cute piece of whimsey.

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Earbud holder

What woman do you know doesn’t like to listen to music? Just about everyone does. If she is a walker then she is going to need something to listen to as she is stepping out those miles. When we are done listening to music and we take our earbuds out, the cord is going to become a rat nest almost instantly. So how do you fix that? With an earbud wrap/holder, the different styles are too many to cover but look at this stocking stuffer and see the look of relief when she doesn’t have to fight the tangles anymore.

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Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker

After running or walking your girl is going to be hot and sweaty. And she is going to want to cool down and freshen up. As I mentioned earlier most women like music so allow her to keep jamming in the shower. But giving her a Waterproof Bluetooth speaker and she will be able to keep the podcasts and tunes running

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Soup and Cracker Bowls

On a nice cool day, nothing tops a day as enjoying a mug of hot soup or Gumbo. With soup, you got to have crackers with it. Most of the tie your loved one is hauling in a bowl of Scalding hot soup and trying to balance a plate full of crackers. There has got to be a better way/ and there is! Have the soup and crackers in one convenience beautiful earthenware bowl. Then add the handle and you are the hero for the day.

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IPad lap desk

The Woman of your life works hard. Even when she is relaxing in bed she is making plans and writing lists. She is doing all she can to help keep your family afloat. SO as she is writing emails and looking up recipes you can assist her by getting her an iPad Lap desk. This way she doesn’t have to try to use the tablet in some awkward fashion and it helps save her wrists and arms from getting tired.

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Cute iPhone stands

Here is a cute way to allow the girl of your dreams to see her phone when she is waking up. There is a huge assortment of phone stand that allows you to keep your phone from having to lay down. This way she can just hit the power button and see that junior is crying at 3 in the morning and nudge you awake so you can take care of him. And she is able to drift back to sleep relatively easy.

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Power wallet

Nothing worse than being caught out with a phone that is dying. Yes, charging stations are becoming popular but who wants to be tied to a charging station in a mall? No one I can think of. So a great gift you can give to your daughter and wife is a means to keep an emergency recharge. Then if you can make it stylish on top of that dude! You will win extra points.

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Wine wipes

Doctors have stated the drinking red wine has many different health benefits. But one problem some people may have is that wine can actually stain your teeth. Now I don’t know how many glasses of Cabernet you have to drain before the stains start showing up but who wants wine colored teeth? Not your dear lady. Help her enjoy her wine while at the same time ensuring that her teeth stay white with the all-natural wine wipes.

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Ice cream maker

Now, this gift has some added benefits. One you have a happy wife, and two you get ice cream! The advancement that has come along in making ice cream is tremendous since the old hand crank days. I remember growing up with an electric and loved the sound and sight if the ice cream maker sitting on the sink cranking away. Now they have ice cream or Frozen Yogurt, if that is your preference, in just 20 minutes! Just think of the recipes you could try out. Maybe you could even talk your mom into getting Grandma’s blue ribbon ice cream recipe.

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Bagel guillotine

There are times when the best way to start a day is by chopping something in two. I thought it might make you a little nervous to think that it could be something you did last night that has your sweet bride and a mood. It may help if she has a guillotine. Not for your neck or any other part to speak of but for her bagel. Because I am not sure if you have ever tried to separate a bagel but it always seems to go wrong for me. Yes, they are pre-split but still, these devilish bread products will not break apart correctly.

So why not save your girl the frustration and allow her to separate the bagel in one swift motion. As the good Rabbi Says in Men in Tights snip the tip!

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Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit

OK now, these are just plain cool and who doesn’t want to try eating a purple carrot? Do you have a picky kid? Maybe they would love too much on some rainbow Chard? Grow some of a unique colored vegetable you could ever imagine. If these veggies are your style how about some psychedelic salads? Enjoy some funky colored radishes’ and more. If she likes strange things this is right up her street.

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Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set in Handcrafted Mahogany Bamboo Chest

Now we are back into teas and this gift has hand sewn Flowering tea blossoms that open when they are submerged in boiling water? The whole event is magical and entrancing all at the same time. Everything in there is 100% natural which makes it even cooler.

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InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

We have all seen those essential oil diffusers that look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. What if your girl likes to more natural things so you can get her a diffuser that is made out of Bamboo and has a very earthy look and feel to it.

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Avocado huggers

Avocados are all the rage. They are packed with the good type of fat and they are just plain tasty on just about anything. Taco soup check, hamburger? Oh yeah. How about on just a Triscuit? Absolutely. And you can’t go wrong with some expertly made guac. But what if you only want to eat half of an avocado? For the longest time, you couldn’t. If you didn’t eat the whole thing it would turn a very dark to almost black in color. Not very appetizing to say the least.

There is a fix for that they are called Avocado huggers and they are the best thing to happen to the humble avocado since guacamole. What you do is take this silicone and wrap it around the exposed part of the avocado and it keeps the oxygen from turning it dark. Boom now it is time for the facemask!

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Massaging bed rest

We know the women in our life loves to have a good massage. Yet sadly there are times that you are not able to give her the much needed back rub she is wanting. So you can help her out by getting her a massaging bed rest. This puppy will help work those kinks and knots out of her back so that she is able to relax and enjoy the night. Plus this bed rest has a cup holder to boot! Who knew such luxuries exist!

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Here is probably a fascinating gift you can give the girl in your life. These little bottles are self-contained ecological environments. Everything the shrimp and other organisms need to live on is provided in these beautiful spheres. I find myself looking at them from time to time and just amazed at the world that is happening right in front of me.

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Tea of the month club

Hey look we are talking tea again. This has a bit to do with the fact that my wife is a tea fan. So I am always on the lookout for some cool tea gift ideas. This is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

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Grow bottles

How much would the fairer sex enjoy having her own herbs growing on her kitchen window sill? Many love the take and health benefits of using fresh natural herbs in their cooking. These grow bottles allow for her to do just that. Grow some of the best smelling herbs and pick them fresh when she needs them. Whether it is basil or rosemary or any other herb she can have it readily at hand.

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Many wine folks like dry wines while other like a nice fruity sweet after dinner wine. The sweeter the wine often they taste better when they are cold. So how do you keep it cold? You can put it in a wine bucket, but when you take it out you have the drips. You can put it in the fridge and that isn’t very handy for the guests. So another solution is the corkcicle! These ingenious devices help keep your wine just cool enough. So you can enjoy all the different flavors that can be experienced in wines. All you do is freeze the Corkcicle and then after you open your first bottle you place the corkcicle in and the magic happens while you are entertaining your guests.

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Wool dryer balls

Now there is a new product out called washer crystals. Well, they aren’t crystals they are wax pellets. But they do an incredible job of making your closes smell great. But often us guys wonder if putting wax through your washer is a good idea. I am sure they have tested the different washer and have shown them to be safe but still, we can’t help but wonder.

What is a different solution? Try Wool dryer balls. What you do here is you add your favorite essential oil to the balls and then pop them into the dryer. You have the same effect without the fear of having a water pump being full of wax. On top of that, you can have a wider range of scents to use. SO check them out and see what you think.

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Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

This baby is the queen mother of all gifts you can give your girlfriend mother Wife daughter if they love to bake. When I say bake I mean bake anything. Bread cookies cakes, cinnamon rolls oh yeah. This is the mixer to rule them all. The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is a staple of any and all southern kitchens and someplace will cause your better half to be judged rather harshly for not having one. Now they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but it is so worth it to see the smile on your wife’s face when she gets one.

Then there is the attachment that can go along with this have to think slices of potatoes or other attachments are too numerous to count.

Now I will leave you with one warning for buying this you will gain weight. You will get lectured by your physician. So start an exercise regimen in anticipation because this appliance helps produce so much happiness.

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IPad and Phone cases

Electronic devices are expensive. I have seen people cry when they drop their phone or tablet and see the devastation gravity has bestowed on their screen. So it is vital to have a protective case on your phone and iPad. The amount of protection can vary from the Otter box Defender to just a clip-on case that has a bunch of craft herpes (glitter) stuck to it.

Another benefit is that you can personalize it. You can’t have a purple iPhone but you can have a purple iPhone case with sparkles and a dangly unicorn. So when looking for a case think of the person you are buying for, what best exemplifies who they are and what they love.

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Now, guys, you can get yourself into trouble with these because they have some pajamas that are more to our liking. You are most certainly welcome to buy those thin barely cover anything nighties and your wife or girlfriends will act happy for the thought. But they know what you are after with that. It is better and you will have an even happier significant other if you think of what she wants to wear though it is nowhere near sexy. Think of the Pajamas with the bottoms and wooly so if you try to snuggle with her you are guaranteed to start sweating profusely. I understand that they make her look like Farmer brown but it isn’t about you. It is about her and if Momma ain’t happy nobody is happy right? Right so do the right thing and save the sexy teddy with guarder belts for her when you are sleeping.

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Hey, look another gift surrounded by Tea. Hmm, I wonder if tea is becoming a big thing. Well, I am being lead to believe that it is. Yet there are other reasons for someone to use kettle than just for tea. If you are wanting to have hot water at all then a kettle will work. Maybe you don’t have someone who likes tea but they go crazy over Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. The problem is solved with a kettle. There so many different styles of kettles that you are sure to find a kettle that will fit the woman who has been asking for one.

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Electric kettle

Now say your daughter or wife doesn’t have access to a stove? Then an electric kettle would be the perfect backup plan. You can plug it in and have access to piping hot water in a short amount of time.

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I don’t know about you but I remember coming home to the smell of baking bread. I come across that smell from time to time when walking past a bakery in either Walmart or a local store that has freshly baked products. The odor that is found in this area is like none other. I would akin it to heavenly. The smell is that good. Baking bread smells like a home. Whether it is Normal Rockwell you think of or some other idea of home Bread is often involved. So capture that smell with a bread maker. So instead of having to lord over a stove and knead the dough you can combine all the ingredients and let it go it will mix kneed and bake automatically. It is so nice if you can do it when the kids come home they will be able to keep the treasured tradition alive just a little longer.

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Venetian wine glasses

Think of Wine glasses. What are you seeing in your mind? Stemware these delicate pieces of glass or crystal. They are often seen with wine that is why they are called wine glasses. Yet there is another type of wine glass that is likely to cause a bit if a stir and wonder. They are Venetian wine glasses. So gone are the days of just clear glasses they do the job buy really they are a bit dull. If you wife is like mine she would love a set of stemware that screams color. Take a look at these glasses the colors are almost limitless. So much fun and character I don’t know many women who would not like a set of these for their party.

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Electstars space nightlight

This next gift idea is actually good for girls of any age. If they like stars and a little light to be able to navigate at night. These LED stars shine on the walls and the ceiling for a night of romance for the adults or as a security measure against the boogeyman for the younger crowd.

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Car hammer

This gift should be a must have for any car owner. If you or your loved one gets into an accident and the doors are jammed but they have to get out of the car this tool is a must. Buy one for each driver in the house whether they are a guy or a gal. It could save their life.

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Mini USB lamp

What if the woman you are thinking of for this gift is sitting in bed and needing light but you or their dorm mate is sleeping. You can’t just turn on a light. Well, you can but you face grumblings if an uncomfortable nature. So to be able to give a little bit of light and not have to worry about raising the ire of your partner look at the Mini USB lamp. It is a lifesaver.

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Lady Tiger

Sadly in these days, there are dirtbags around. There are those that see the beauty of your daughter or wife and they desire and crave after those you want to protect. Assaults of all sorts are the ultimate form of theft. The bad guy steals the person will safety and most of all peace of mind. I would first off say if you can have them carry a gun that is the best line of defense. But if you live in a city that isn’t gun friendly then you need a good back up. One of these back up is called the Lady Tiger. What this is, is a device that helps in each hand that has sharp DNA collecting barbs that stuck out between the knuckles. This way your lady can keep her dignity by fighting off someone that is out to hurt them in unimaginable ways.

Help your women stay safe.

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